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 Receptionist Engineering / Architecture 10/18/2018 [ APPLY NOW ]
United Arab Emirates
REF NO: ENG-1152
Education :  Bachelors Degree
Experience :  1 - 5 Years

Description :  
Progressive Engineering Consultants is an Architectural and Engineering Consultancy company based in the UAE with a tie-up with a leading US company, and lead by a highly experienced team. We are looking to expand our operations in Dubai, and are looking for a receptionist to join our staff.

The ideal candidate shall have at least 3 - 5 years of experience as a receptionist, preferably in a firm in the construction industry. He/she will be expected to be a self starter and be able to bear the responsibility of handling all the administrative functions of the office including like communicating, record keeping, etc. Our company prides itself on offering our clients services that surpass our competition. As part of this, the receptionist shall be form an integral part of our administrative staff.

We expect candidates to have the following skills:

1. High level of speed and expertise with Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office and PDF applications.
2. Strong communication skills in order to communicate with and greet clients and guests.
3. A command of the English language in order to prepare and draft professional letters, emails, and other communication.
4. Ability to take charge of the entire record keeping for the office, including organizing files, folders, drawings and other documents.
5. Willingness and ability to learn details related to the architectural engineering business and to help out in the general administration of the office.

 Sales Engineer Engineering / Architecture 10/18/2018 [ APPLY NOW ]
logo_16487.gif LED EVOLUTION LTD.
United Arab Emirates
REF NO: ENG-1154
Education :  Higher Secondary
Experience :  1 - 5 Years

Skills :  
Excellent spoken and written English, confidence and reliability
Responsibilities :  
1. Distribution of products in Dubai
2. Keep a lookout for tenders of structural steel requirements.
3. Sales for Solar Lighting systems

Description :  
1. Organize a distribution setup in Dubai
2. Organize approval in all local tenders
3. Lookout and organize tender collection
4. Learn as we go!!

 Maintenance Manager Engineering / Architecture 10/18/2018 [ APPLY NOW ]
REF NO: ENG-1081
Education :  Bachelors Degree
Experience :  5 - 10 Years

Skills :  
Person should be Mechanical engineer with Min 5 years expirience in Corrugated industry.

Responsibilities :  Responsibilities:-

In charge of building maintenance operation, custodial care, room setups, fire and safety programs, and equipment inventory control. In small unions this position may be combined with that of business manager or assistant director for business or operations.

Description :  
I am looking for Maintainence engineer in corrugated box making plant in Daressalaam Tanzania.

 Chemical Engineering Engineering / Architecture 10/18/2018 [ APPLY NOW ]
Saudi Arabia
REF NO: ENG-1082
Education :  Bachelors Degree
Experience :  1 - 5 Years

Skills :  

SR,2000 TO 3500 % 65

Responsibilities :  
The chemical engineer is a person who has multiple job responsibilities under their charge. One who works as a chemical engineer must do a lot of research in the beginning to determine the best way of producing certain products. Along with researching the issues, the chemical engineer must design programs, machinery and processes which will allow the products to be manufactured. The chemical engineer must also perform a multitude of tests along the way to ensure that everything is going according to plan. Lastly, one who is a chemical engineer must consult with numerous individuals to ensure that their job is done to the best of their ability and the desired outcome is reached.

Description :  
Beneath all of the general responsibilities listed above, a chemical engineer must engage in numerous specific duties on a daily basis. The first duty which the chemical engineer is responsible for completing is research. The chemical engineer must take careful steps to ensure that what they are looking to manufacture and how they are looking to manufacture a product is the right avenue to pursue. The way to resolve this issue is by doing a lot of research on a variety of topics relating to chemical engineering.

 Safety Manager Engineering / Architecture 10/18/2018 [ APPLY NOW ]
United Arab Emirates
REF NO: ENG-1083
Education :  Bachelors Degree
Experience :  1 - 5 Years

Skills :  - Excellent command of English Language.
- Excellent computer skills.
- Excellent communication, organizational, and interpersonal skills.
- Effective leadership skills.
- Ability to work under pressure
- High analytical ability and problem solving
Responsibilities :  Safety Engineer / Officer.

Description :  1. Making changes to working practices that are safe and comply with legislation.
2. Preparing health and safety strategies and developing internal policy.
3. Carrying out risk assessments and considering how risks could be reduced;.
4. Outlining safe operational procedures which identify and take account of all relevant hazards;.
5. Carrying out regular site inspections to check policies and procedures are being properly implemented
6. Leading in-house training with managers and employees about health and safety issues and risks
7. Keeping records of inspections findings and producing reports that suggest improvements.
8. Keeping records of incidents and accidents and producing statistics for managers.
9. Keeping up to date with new legislation and maintaining a working knowledge of all The
10. Health and Safety Executive (HSE) legislation and any developments that affect the employer's industry.
11. Attending Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) seminars and reading professional journals.
12. Producing management reports, newsletters and bulletins.
13. Ensuring the safe installation of equipment.
14. Managing and organizing the safe disposal of hazardous substances, e.g. asbestos.
15. Advising on a range of specialist areas, e.g. fire regulations, hazardous substances,noise, safeguarding machinery and occupational diseases.

 Material Engineering Engineering / Architecture 10/18/2018 [ APPLY NOW ]
United Arab Emirates
REF NO: ENG-1084
Education :  Bachelors Degree
Experience :  1 - 5 Years

Skills :  
- Preferably : Arabic Speaking
- Must have skills.
- Must have experience in U.A.E
Responsibilities :  
Looking for Material Engineer.

Description :  
SC Engineering/ Licensed or Diploma, With Road Construction Experienced, Knowledge on road construction activities and quality checks, Perform duties such as technical problems, Implementing Procedures, Managing and administering work site. Ready to be relocated to Masafi, Fujairah, Salary based on experienced.

 Procurement Manager Engineering / Architecture 10/18/2018 [ APPLY NOW ]
United Arab Emirates
REF NO: ENG-1085
Education :  Bachelors Degree
Experience :  1 - 5 Years

Skills :  - Good knowledge of procurement methods and procedures within construction industries
- Deal honestly with suppliers with high level of integrity.
- Keep accurate records to justify the process and any other related decisions made in this regard.
- Knowledge in producing written technical reports and recommendations in English.
- Effective communication skills and confidence when dealing internally and externally.
- Able to work under tight deadlines and handle multiple activities.
- Excellent time/task management & organizational skills.
- Excellent interpersonal & communication skills.
-Computer Skills ( Auto Cad, Primavera, Word, Excel)
Responsibilities :  Procurement Engineer

Description :  
1. General procurement terms and conditions .
2. Packing, marking and shipping terms and conditions .
3. Preparation of the Vendor list and submittal to the Project Manager for review and transmittal to client for approval .
4. Issue RFP and conduct analysis of bids when returned .
5. Hold clarifications meetings and resolve queries to ensure that all purchased products conform to the specified requirements .
6. Prepare purchase orders, in accordance with RFP and clarification meetings .
7. Verify all purchased products and supply sources .
8. Identify all purchased materials for tractability and documentation .
9. Initiate corrective action with supplier of non-conforming items as and when required .
10. Ensure Quality related items and requirements from Vendors are addressed.

 Site Engineer Engineering / Architecture 10/18/2018 [ APPLY NOW ]
United Arab Emirates
REF NO: ENG-1086
Education :  Bachelors Degree
Experience :  1 - 5 Years

Skills :  - Mixture of personal, technical and physical abilities.
- Strong numerical and analytic skill.
- Team Player, hard-working and organised with outstanding problem-solving skills.
Responsibilities :  Looking for Site Engineer

Description :  - DESIGN DRAWINGS & DESIGN UPDATES / VARIATIONS: Reviews the Section Engineer analysis.

- BILL OF QUANTITIES: Assist Section Engineer in his duties; Receive & study Section Engineer analysis; Further develop as necessary; Verify quantities and coordinate same with Quantity Surveyor.

- VALUE ENGINEERING: Assist Section Engineer in recognizing risks & critical items.

- PAYMENT CERTIFICATES: Assist the Section Engineer in his duty; Raise to Section Engineer proposed debit and credit notes.

- PLANNING & PROGRAM: Understand strategy, priorities & sequence; Implement Section Engineer program; Report sequence and other problems & propose solutions; Use resources according to planning & productivity criteria; Participate in data collection for periodic updates. Assist Section Engineer in analyzing progress of various trades and activities and identify improvement possibilities; Assist Section Engineer in analyzing progress of various trades and activities and identify improvement possibilities.

- COST CONTROL SYSTEM: Report Manpower cost; Assist Section Engineer in identifying cost over run risks and develop techniques to control & overcome; Alert CM & Section Engineer on cost problems; Provide data for cost control; Review cost of own unit and trade; Analyze cost over runs & suggest solutions to overcome; Fight fraud & inefficiencies.

- MANPOWER: Manage manpower; Make daily adjustments to meet program; Check productivity and correct inefficiencies.

- MATERIALS: Verbally requests material missing from store as per execution schedule. Assist Section Engineer & Receive materials from store and sign receipt.

- SHOP DRAWINGS/ AS BUILT DRAWINGS: Assist Section Engineer.

 Planning Engineer Engineering / Architecture 10/18/2018 [ APPLY NOW ]
United Arab Emirates
REF NO: ENG-1087
Education :  Bachelors Degree
Experience :  1 - 5 Years

Skills :  - Strong leadership skills.
- Effective communication skills.
- Strong analytical skills for project planning.
- Acquainted with various construction materials and equipment, having previous working experience as a Planning Engineer.
- Work according to the project program and be capable of establishing a detailed agenda for the required section of works.
- Be able to read the project specification drawings and assist in preparing method statements for the construction of the different activities of the project according to the requirements based on the project budget.
- Excellent Arabic and English.
Responsibilities :  We are looking for Senior Planing Engineer.


- Critical & risk issues in contract: Recognize risks & critical items falling under his jurisdiction.
- Specifications: Review related specifications.
- Design drawings & design updates/variations: Review.
- Bills of Quantities: Establish work items priorities - quantities per sequence - identify relationships between trades & items.
- Value Engineering: Coordinate with technical manager and CM to assess schedule impact of VE- prepare revised program.
- Payment certificates: Receive a copy of certified payment& updates program accordingly as required.
- Planning & Program: Identify specification requirements; agree presentation format illustrate delay impact and various scenarios as required by PM/CM; develop sub programs as needed; coordinate with PM on global planning and milestone identification; agree on sequence and durations with CM; develop relationships among activities; develop program & review with CM; present to PM for approval; review according to Engineer's comments; collect data from CM /section engineers for periodic updates; and flag potential delays; implement modifications; provide updates & look ahead.
- Training: Train subordinates (where applicable) - measure improvement of performance of selected Training candidate.
- Staff performance appraisals: Assist PM in establishing Project particulars and Specific objectives for each position in planning unit & interfacing with planning unit Conduct periodically Performance appraisal in accordance with HO HR policy.
- Company Culture - rules procedures & policies: Acquire &respect through implementation company culture and company policies.
- Mobilization - Site installation & temporary services & Site appearance & Signage: Incorporate needed time &resources in program-update same.
- Execution strategy & Method statements: Develop Schedule based on execution strategy laid down by PM-Identify major milestones in method statement-Coordinate with CM compliance of trade method statements with schedule established sequences and relations between various activities.
- Procurement: Prepare + Prioritize Procurement Schedule.
- Cash flow: Develop cash flow in compliance with HO set guidelines and policies and in line with program.
- Shop Drawings - As built drawings: Develop Schedule of submittals.
- Claims & Variations: Assist in illustrating and substantiating Variations time effects and Claim events.

 Quantity Surveyor Engineering / Architecture 10/18/2018 [ APPLY NOW ]
REF NO: ENG-1088
Education :  Bachelors Degree
Experience :  1 - 5 Years

Skills :  
- Fluent English language.
- BSc Civil / Quantity Surveying.
- Knowledge of construction sequence.
- Reading & Interpretation of drawings and specification (accurate take off from drawings).
- Communications skills.
- Computer skills.
- Diligence and accuracy.
- 3 years of work experience in similar projects or in the correct environment.
Responsibilities :  
Quantity Surveyor Engineer

Description :  
- Critical & risk issues in contract: Assist QS Manager.
- Specifications: Quantity take off - Correspondence of items between Specs & BOQ.
- Design drawings & design updates / variations: Quantity take off - Correspondence of items between Drawings & BOQ.
- Bills of Quantities: Review Method of Measurement - Establish master file for quantities and calculation sheets.
-Agree breakdowns - Verify quantities.
- Value Engineering: Assist QS Manager - Prepare new BOQ and breakdowns-Verify VE commercial result-Prepare VE presentation- Implement approved VE in contract documents.
- Verify Sub contractors invoices.
- Cost control system: Provide data to cost control engineer & others as required
- Training: Identify from direct subordinates candidates for Training programs - measure improvement of performance of selected Training candidate.
- Company Culture - rules procedures & policies: Acquire &respect through implementation company culture and company policies.
- Procurement: Prepare quantities.
- Claims & Variations: Prepare quantities.
- Sub contracts & Sub contractors: review contract & advise of any comments.
- check contractual documents are in order-identify deviations from back to back-identify MOM & make measurements accordingly-establish & manage measurement files-verify quantities-agree on rates breakdown with s/c-provide feedback on claims & VO's.

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