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 Other Construction / Facilities 5/25/2017 [ APPLY NOW ]
United Arab Emirates
REF NO: CST-0697
Education :  Masters Degree
Experience :  1 - 5 Years
Responsibilities :  A Process Engineer develops and optimize economical industrial processes to make the huge range of products on which modern society depends. A Process Engineer may work in small, medium and large businesses. The work is concerned with chemical and biochemical processes in which raw materials undergo change, and involves scaling up processes from the laboratory into the processing plant. Responsibilities involve designing equipment, understanding the reactions taking place, installing control systems, and starting, running and upgrading the processes. Environmental protection and health and safety aspects are also significant concerns.
Work is project-orientated and you may be working on a number of projects, all at various different stages, at any given time. Several process engineering companies act as consultancies.

Description :  PROCESS ENGINEER :

1. Assessing processes for their relevance, and assessing the adequacy of engineering equipment;
2. Reviewing existing data (also lab analysis) to see if more research and information need to be collated;
3. Designing, installing and commissioning new production units, monitoring modifications and upgrades, and troubleshooting existing processes;
4. Applying the principles of mass, momentum and heat transfer to process and equipment design, including conceptual, scheme and detail design;
5. Conducting process development experiments to scale in a laboratory;
6. Preparing reports, flow diagrams and charts;
7. Assessing the availability of raw materials and the safety and environmental impact of the plant;
8. Managing the cost and time constraints of projects;
9. Selecting, managing and working with sub-contractors;
10. Supporting the conversion of small-scale processes into commercially viable large-scale operations;
11. Assuming responsibility for risk assessment, including hazard and operability (HAZOP) studies, for the health and safety of both company staff and the wider community;
12. Working closely with chemical engineers to monitor and improve the efficiency, output and safety of a plant;
13. Ensuring the process works at the optimum level, to the right rate and quality of output, in order to meet supply needs;
14. Making observations and taking measurements directly, as well as collecting and interpreting data from the other technical and operating staff involved;
15. Assuming responsibility for environmental monitoring and ongoing performance of processes and process plant;
16. Ensuring that all aspects of an operation or process meet specified regulations;

 Civil Structural Engineer Construction / Facilities 5/25/2017 [ APPLY NOW ]
United Arab Emirates
REF NO: CST-0698
Education :  Masters Degree
Experience :  1 - 5 Years

Skills :  1. Creativity.
2. Commercial awareness.
3. Team working.
4. Mathematical skills.
5. IT skills.
6. Analytical skills.

Description :  1. Preparing reports, designs and drawings.
2. Making calculations about loads and stresses.
3. Selecting appropriate construction materials.
4. Providing technical advice.
5. Obtaining planning and/or building regulations approval.
6. Liaising with relevant professional staff.
7. Monitoring and inspecting work undertaken by contractors.
8. Administering contracts.
9. Managing projects.
10. Inspecting properties to check conditions/foundations.

 Other Construction / Facilities 5/25/2017 [ APPLY NOW ]
United Arab Emirates
REF NO: CST-0699
Education :  Masters Degree
Experience :  1 - 5 Years
Responsibilities :  Architectural engineers analyze building or system prototypes submitted by architects in order to increase efficiency, decrease costs, and enforce adherence of building codes and compliance issues. These engineers must also evaluate proposed electrical systems to ensure occupational safety and assess window costs. Professionals in this field typically work in an office setting reviewing blueprints and may travel to a construction site in order to inspect foundations, support systems and layouts.


Architectural engineers may begin a project by meeting with architects to discuss structural designs. During this stage, engineers may ascertain load, power and structural requirements. These professionals also analyze sketches, blueprints and models for environmental, acoustic and safety issues. For example, engineers may assess HVAC system noise and deem whether it is appropriate for the respective facility. If engineers find a potential structural issue, they may consult with architects and civil engineers in order to find a solution.

Architectural engineers may also act as consultants and find employment with firms who specialize in a specific part of construction, such as safety compliance or acoustics. In these roles, engineers may be responsible for ensuring building compliance with government regulations and acts, such as water consumption limits or the Americans with Disabilities Act.

 Safety Manager Construction / Facilities 5/25/2017 [ APPLY NOW ]
logo.gif DEBUG SENSE
REF NO: CST-0587
Education :  Bachelors Degree
Experience :  1 - 5 Years

Description :  -Job Position Filled

 Sales Executive Construction / Facilities 5/25/2017 [ APPLY NOW ]
United Arab Emirates
REF NO: CST-0619
Education :  Higher Secondary
Experience :  1 - 5 Years

Skills :  driving licence, knowladge about building materials ( kitchen cabinets, tiles, sanitary, lighting, ironmongery, hotel furniture , carpets, flooring, etc.). , knowladge about UAE market
Responsibilities :  outdoor sales executive

Description :  outdoor sales, salary plus commision, company car and phone . Goal oriented person.

 Civil Project Engineer Construction / Facilities 5/25/2017 [ APPLY NOW ]
REF NO: CST-0611
Education :  Masters Degree
Experience :  10+ Years
Responsibilities :  
1. Discussing requirements with the client and other professionals (e.g architects)
2. Analysing survey, mapping and materials-testing data with computer modelling software
3. Drawing up blueprints, using computer aided design (cad) packages
4. Judging whether projects are workable by assessing materials, costs and time requirements
5. Assessing the environmental impact and risks connected to projects
6. Preparing bids for tenders, and reporting to clients, public agencies and planning bodies
7. Managing, directing and monitoring progress during each phase of a project
8. Making sure sites meet legal guidelines, and health and safety requirements.

Description :  
Working with kuwait oil company during kharafi national company for preparing and designing drawings, studying contracts, supervision on the construction projects

 Documentation Officer Construction / Facilities 5/25/2017 [ APPLY NOW ]
United Arab Emirates
REF NO: CST-0493
Education :  Bachelors Degree
Experience :  1 - 5 Years


Bachelors degree, Computer literate, Experience with system documentation and good documentation practices, follow instructions/schedules/timelines and handle multiple priorities, fast learner, well-organized and eager to learn and be challenged, works under minimal supervision.
Responsibilities :  DUTIES & RESPONSIBILITIES:-
1) Prepare and updates status reports such as E1 & E2 Log sheets for the latest received comments from Consultant.
2) Checking mail correspondence and responding to mails.
3) Uploading and downloading all documents, registering, superseding files and transmit.
4) Maintain document register, filing system, updating drawing control register and submittal record.
5) Ensuring all documents archived properly. Maintaining and updating files and also manual filings.
6) Coordinates from time to time to the Manager, Engineers and CAD Leader for any update or concerns need to be discuss.
7) Maintains paper and electronic binders and logs of controlled documents, templates, and related records.
8) Ensures processed documents are complete, concise, accurate and conform to established formats.
9) Performs word processing and publishing tasks on a variety of quality documents.
10) Tracks and prepares reports for document control and other quality functions.
11) May assist in compiling regulatory filing documents and maintaining computerized files to support all documentation systems.
12) Participates in continuous improvement programs.
13) Updating RFI/RRFI logs, Cause & Effect Logs, Letter logs. Prepares Weekly Report submittals.
14) Stays abreast of current regulations and guidelines directing document control.
15) Incoming documents from the Consultant have to be archived and filed.
16) Coordinates and performs the document change control processes including, approval, distribution and storage of controlled documents such as standard operating procedures, forms, protocols, reports, and other quality documents.
17) Distributes and retrieves, when applicable, documents to/from all concerned departments.

Description :  Job Description:-

1) Proper filing of documents, records, drawings, and other project documentation.
2) Responsible for dealing with any project enquiry and coordinate with concerned parties.
3) Preparing letters, material requests, input data, preparing product catalogues and data sheets.
4) Preparing BOQ(Bill of Quantity)
5) Monitor and maintain daily attendance record for project staff and coordinate with Head office.
6) Preparing and entering various types of documents into an Electronic Document.
7) Updates records neatly and in an organized manner for proper documentation.
8) Promptly generates report that may be needed at a given time.
9) Performs a variety of difficult and responsible document management and control duties to ensure effective support.
10) Maintains the document control management system.

 Electrician Construction / Facilities 5/25/2017 [ APPLY NOW ]
United Arab Emirates
REF NO: CST-0467
Education :  Higher Secondary
Experience :  1 - 5 Years

Skills :  * Knowledge of the tools, equipment, and materials common to the electrical trade.

* Knowledge of applicable electrical codes, standards, and regulations.

* Knowledge of electrical application for high and low voltage electric system.

* Skill in the installation, repair and maintenance of all types of electrical system equipment and components.

* Skill in both verbal and written communication.

Responsibilities :  * Installs, repairs, and maintains motors, transformers, generators, lights, appliances, circuits, wiring, and other electrical system equipment and components in compliance with electrical codes, standards, and regulations.

* Operates a variety of electrical testing equipment in locating and determining types of electrical malfunctions.

* Studies plans, drawings, specifications, and work orders to determine work requirement and sequence of repairs and/or installations.

* Repairs and maintains high voltage systems.

Description :  (MUST HAVE AT LEAST ONE (1) year UAE EXPERIENCE):-

Test electrical systems and continuity of circuits in electrical wiring, equipment, and fixtures, using testing devices such as ohmmeters, voltmeters, and oscilloscopes, to ensure compatibility and safety of system.

Maintain current electrician's license or identification card to meet governmental regulations.

Plan layout and installation of electrical wiring, equipment and fixtures, based on job specifications and local codes.

Direct and train workers to install, maintain, or repair electrical wiring, equipment, and fixtures.

Prepare sketches or follow blueprints to determine the location of wiring and equipment and to ensure conformance to building and safety codes.

 Mechanical Construction Engineer Construction / Facilities 5/25/2017 [ APPLY NOW ]
logo.gif ELBAIT
REF NO: CST-0392
Education :  Diploma
Experience :  5 - 10 Years

Skills :  Requirements for the Role:

Holder of Degree / Diploma in Mechanical Engineering with sound ducting experience
Proven track record in the ducting workshops within MEP contracting industry
Must have previous supervisory experience
Customer focused, flexible and adaptable in their approach to delivering the services we offer.
Able to plan, direct and supervise skilled & ordinary labor
Able to work on own initiative, be self motivated and disciplined
Able to plan and control company resources to maximise the productivity of the workforce and the services provided to the third party.
Must be computer literate
Knowledge and experience in the principles an implementation of quality assurance, quality control and health and safety legislation
Have good communication skills, both written and oral in French or English and Arabic.

Description :  An opportunity has arisen for the role of Workshop Supervisor electromechanical MEP Contractor based in Kinshasa - Congo.

Our client has been awarded the MEP work in a mix-used construction project; accordingly an experience workshop supervisor is urgently required. He should have hands-on experience, in fabrication, inspection, maintenance, and repair of all HVAC ducting system that use in high-rise buildings.

As Workshop supervisor will possess a modern approach and be able to manage the assigned job on day to day basis. Contribute to the creation of job time-table, meet schedules, ensure good discipline on site, safe working practices and motivate. You will also have responsibility for ensuring the health and safety of employees, contractors and other third parties.

 Commercial Manager Construction / Facilities 5/25/2017 [ APPLY NOW ]
United Arab Emirates
REF NO: CST-0423
Education :  Bachelors Degree
Experience :  5 - 10 Years

Skills :  Defining Skills (Project-specific)
Excel in all aspects of cost management
Cost modeling (scenarios)
Cost planning
Cost management
Lead all aspects of value management
Lifecycle costing/value engineering
Value auditing
Value management
Play a key role in spatial analysis
Support risk management process and risk analysis
Contribute cost-related information to key aspects of a project
Project appraisal

Site appraisal/evaluation
Development appraisal

Underpinning Knowledge
Financial literacy
Computer literacy
Legal framework for projects
Contracts/insurance awareness
Procurement process
Cost Management process
Change management
Local rules and regulations
Financial statutory requirements

Minimum Academic Qualifications

BSc Hons Quantity Surveying
Responsibilities :  The Commercial Manager will be expected to lead and be responsible for the commercial aspects of a portfolio of projects across the asset classes of GROUP Properties and provide assistance to the VP Commercial Management on reporting the commercial status of projects to SVP Delivery and GROUP Properties Board, in liaison with relevant Internal Departments.

Description :  Key Tasks: Outline below the main responsibilities of the job.

1. Responsible for supporting Delivery Team on all Commercial aspects of Projects
2. Responsible for the development of project(s) through the direction of control documents and instruction from the senior management team and Senior Project Managers.
3. Assists with the preparation of Development feasibility studies, concept master planning etc. to develop the initial briefing requirements for Consultants.
4. Assists with the development of the strategies and initiatives to enhance the successful delivery of projects or specified components, both in terms of design, construction and where applicable, operation and maintenance companies.
5. Assisting in establishing best practice procedures on cost management within the Project Delivery Department. Including delivery of initiatives on Benchmarking, Risk management. Assist with the auditing of projects ensuring the processes and procedures adopted by projects.
6. Responsible for Cost Management of the respective project(s) with respect to Cost Planning, cost reporting, change management and Contract Close out in liaison with the Delivery Team.
7. Form and support the Project Manager to engender a cohesive project team. Both internally and external to GROUP properties liaising with other departments particularly Finance and Development Management.
8. Procurement
Assist with the procurement of all services as per the approved processes and procedures manual
Manage the procurement of Consultant and Contract services
Manage the compilation of the commercial assessment of all tender submissions (either internally or using a Third Party)
Manage the compilation of the Contract Document, and execution with the respective Contractual parties.
9. Cost Planning, Estimating and Reporting
Assist with the management of Third Party cost consultants for the provision of cost plans, estimates and reports.
Issue a monthly commercial report on project(s) following project finance meetings incorporating an up to date cash flow and analysis of costs to date and projected final account figures.
10. Contract Administration and Close Out (internally or using a Third Party)
Assist with the contract administration, of construction and contracts and consultant

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