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  • Re-entering the work force after a long unemployment spell
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    The last two years have been emotionally and physically difficult for most employees. Doubts and fears have crept in hearts of many with regards to continued employment and security what with the severe corporate downsizing and layoffs.

  • How to monetize your brilliance
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    A typical scenario that existed over 15-20 years ago:

    Parents push you to fill out college applications, obtain a degree in accounting, graduate college and then land a plum position in an MNC. The organization nevertheless promises great benefits and security aka a paycheck; not to mention smiles galore on your parents’...
  • Dubai, my city
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    Sitting quietly on the passenger seat looking out the window on my journey home from the airport, I realized a lot had changed about this beautiful city Dubai. It has been a home for foreigners like me because it had always gone above and beyond in serving the best to every...
  • CASE STUDY > China: Where the Street Are Paved with Gold.
  • Author Introduction - So prosperous is this previously 'sleeping giant', that I am hard-pressed to think of a sector of its vast economy that is not booming. Initially, China started out by taking over from the west and filling in the gaps on outstanding products and projects, where the west and the...
  • Working from home, easier or difficult ?
  • Author Imagine rolling out of bed in your pajamas and getting straight to work on your laptop to meet that deadline for work, while watching "Live With Regis and Kelly"...Nice huh? To many this may seem like a very easy decision to make: it would be perfect to have time for yourself...