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I have been in Dubai for 15 days now and am currently working as a sales executive in a reputed bank. My visa is Hamriya Free Zone, Sharjah. Is it possible to switch to another employer or when can I change my employer

Dear Ajmal, thank you for your question. Unfortunately, there is no way to avoid a ban in the UAE even if you are working in the Free Zone. However, if you leave your current job on good terms, and you get a no objection letter from your employer, you will be able to transfer your sponsorship to another employer without difficulty. In a situation where you will begin working for a competitor, it is possible for the employer to refuse to give you a no objection letter. There is a list professional titles that are exempted from the six month ban, but you should contact the Immigration Department for the up to date exemption list.



Good day. I am a Registered Nurse in the United States. I have my BSN and I am interested in employement opportunities in Dubai. Can you please tell me if there is a need for Nurses in Dubai? Secondly, is the salary range listed in the salary wizard enough to enjoy a decent lifestyle there? Thank you, Scott Martinez

Dear Scott

Thank you for your question. There definitely is a demand for nurses in Dubai. Although the trend in the UAE at this time is that employers tend to pick nationals for health care positions first, they are beginning to select more expatriates for these jobs. For more information on the requirements you would need to work as a Nurse in Dubai, I would recommend you to visit the official website for the Ministry of Health in the UAE (

Thanks and good luck


My family and I have decided to move to Dubai from USA.

One of the main concerns is the job. I am not sure as to how long does it take to find a job in Dubai and when should I start applying for the job, if I am looking forward to move in July.

Also I have heard that it is very difficult to find a job remotely unless you are physically in Dubai because employers want to see you as soon as possible. Any advice you could provide will be really appreciated.

Also do you know if the employers offer children’s tuition and housing as part of the package. Thanks

Dear Faheem

You pose a very good question.

Many expats are scared that they will not receive enough attention from employers unless and until they are physically in Dubai. While it is true that employers in Dubai prefer to hire job seekers that are located out of Dubai, it does not hurt you to begin your job search from your home country. If anything, I am sure that, by beginning a job search from your home country, you can strengthen your employment chances. These days there are many recruiters and head hunters who can help you locally. How does this help you? First, you can contact recruiters to find out more about the job market and how it is like for someone with your qualifications. Second, you can find out about the international jobs that are being advertised. Third, if you see employers showing interest in your application, you know that you will receive only more chances of landing your placement if you are in the region.

My recommendation is start looking now even though you are not really able to relocate at this moment. Plus, the hiring season in Dubai is from September to Mid April and the summer months get very slow in terms of hiring. You can always visit for help with your job search. If you require some more job search websites, please let me know.

Employers do offer different types of benefits. However, now, with the rise of professional job seekers, employers have the option of determining whether to offer you additional benefits or simply offer you a lucrative salary package only. In which case, you will have to do research for your children’s education and finding suitable housing on your own.

You may have to do some research to find the different schools in Dubai. Most nurseries, primary and secondary schools have their own individual websites. You may want to consider visiting and search for different schools. For post secondary education, you can go to (Knowledge Village) and this website can provide you with a list of institutes.

For housing, you will also have to do some additional research. My recommendation is to go to because you will find a range for properties whether you want to buy or rent.

Thank you for your question and good luck!

I am from India and I have done three year diploma in the field of electronics & telecomm engineering. Also I am doing Bachelor of Technology in electronics & telecommunications. After completing my degree, I want to know what academic documents are required by the employer and what do employers normally look for in fresh graduates?


Hello Susheel

As a fresh graduate, you have a number of advantages to offer an employer over a seasoned vet! First, you are fresh out of college/university, which means that your skill and training is up-to-date and I have no doubt that the employer will take that into consideration. Second, most likely you are single, which is also a benefit for the employer because all you have to worry about is carrying yourself to Dubai. I normally remind fresh graduates from the information technology sector that they bring a wealth of new and cutting-edge ideas to employers through their recent vocational training.

You can expect an employer to ask you for notarized copies of your diplomas or degrees. You can have them attested through your local consulate.

Thank you and good luck!


Hi Anna. How is the situation at Dubai to get job quickly and the salary structure for an accountant who is 5 years experience, completed post graduation and professional degree like CA course. (Mohammad N)

Hello Mohammad

The economic boom that is going through Dubai is constantly changing the job market. More and more professionals are flooding to the UAE because of the salary and benefits provided by employers. The finance profession is one of the top three professions in that region that still offer lucrative salaries and expat packages. With a five year work experience, you can expect a salary range from about 5,000 to 24,000 Dirhams. As a recruiter, however, I recommend that you do not rely entirely on industry averages to determine your salary rate. Hiring officers consider many things before they decide to setup a salary for you, some of these factors include, your work experience, the position you will be selected for, the responsibilities that will be assigned to you, etc.

Thanks for your question