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Hi Anna, I am currently pursuing my TYBcom (Banking & Insurance) in Mumbai. I will be graduating in May and I am looking for job opportunities in Dubai in the field of Banking. As a fresher with no work experience, what kind of jobs will I be eligible for? What is the job scenario like for fresh graduates? Does having a Residence Visa act as a plus point for being selected? Thanks, Lorena

Dear Lorena: thank you for your question. First and foremost, banking jobs in general are on a rise in Dubai with the creation of a financial free zone in Dubai (namely Dubai International Financial Centre or DIFC) and it’s focus on sectors such as Banking Services (Investment/Corporate/Private Banking); Capital Markets (Equity, Commodity Trading); Asset management; Insurance; Islamic Finance and Service Providers means various jobs in the financial sector are on the rise. Moreover, if you visit the DIFC website ( you can get access to companies from the banking service sector.

As I’m sure you are already aware, employers normally look for job seekers with at least 3-5 years work experience. However, the fact that you have your bachelor’s in hand will be an added benefit for you. I would encourage you to start networking with other fresh graduates who are targeting the banking sector in Dubai as you never know perhaps one of your friends or acquaintances may be able to land you an interview at their own organization!

Hi Anna, I am from Lebanon and in the process of completing a degree in Human Resources Management in the United States. I am currently an intern at the Human Resources Office at Indiana University of Pennsylvania (IUP). I will be graduating in December. I am wondering about the possibilities of securing a job in Dubai in the field of Human Resources. Thank you very much for your time. Nour

Dear Nour: thank you for your question. I’m sure you have heard that the economy in Dubai is booming rapidly and tons of professionals are applying to Dubai. Now, what does this have to do with you or your career? Simply put, in order for employers to recruit qualified, experience staff, they are no doubt looking towards the talent offered by Human Resource individuals!!!

First, companies relocating to the UAE have already established a global presence and want to employ the very best personnel and their starting block for good recruitment is their HR department. Second, employers in Dubai want the best of the best working for their companies, which is why the emirates has the most dynamic and robust economy in the world. As a result, HR jobs are not only on the rise but if you have exceptional skills and experience in this field, you should definitely explore opportunities available in Personnel, Recruitment or HR in the UAE.

Since businesses are just being established in Dubai there is intense recruitment taking place and the first thing these companies do is establish their HR department. I’m sure you won’t find a lack of jobs in the large field of human resource management in Dubai. Plus, from what I’ve heard, employment contracts can be highly lucrative and, even if you get a short term contract, you can still take advantage of the tax free employment while enjoying Dubai.

I would advise you to network with other HR professionals to get more up to date with HR opportunities and the latest trends. Although you will find that most companies prefer bilinguals (Arabic/English) as part of their emiratisation drive, I’m sure that a good candidate like you stands a good chance.

Hi Anna, I'm considering finding employment in Dubai and was wondering what the conditions are like for a single mother. I have a six year old daughter who I would like to take with me. What are the schools like? Just to give you a little background information. I have a diploma in cost accounting and currently doing my BCompt. I also have administrative experience as well as background in fund accounting. Thanks, Nikki-Ann.

Hi Nikki-Ann. Dubai welcomes western women and you’ll find that women living there find they don’t have to change their habits greatly. Since the government is constantly increasing tourism both male and female expats are welcome from around the world. I have done up an article on the site on women in Dubai and you may find it useful: Western Women in Dubai.

First, my advice is to complete your BCompt before you move to Dubai. As I’ve mentioned in numerous other replies to expats, employers in Dubai prefer job seekers with degrees. To increase your chances of being noticed by employers, definitely complete your BCompt before you apply. However, Dubai does host renowned international universities where you can complete your post secondary education. You will find these institutions based at Knowledge Village near Media and Internet Cities ( Dubai Academic City, on the outskirts of Dubai, will house a number of tertiary institutions and is due for completion by 2012. The accounting profession is booming in Dubai and, in fact, still offers lucrative salaries and benefits package by local or multinational employers. How employers will response to you there depends on your willingness to push your application.

For your daughter, you will find that schools in Dubai offer various curriculums from around the world, including GCSEs, A levels, French and International Baccalaureate and CNEC as well as American, Australian and Indian equivalents. You will note the standard of teaching in Dubai is very high and schools have excellent facilities with extracurricular activities offered. You may want to choose the school based on the curriculum as it may not make send to send your child to an American curriculum school if you are planning to return to the UK.

Some schools may request for your child to complete an entrance exam or test, a family interview and sometimes even a physical examination.  Translated school certificates must have the student’s name spelled exactly as it si on the student’s school records and passport.

HOURS: most schools are open from 7:30am to 1:30pm or 3:30pm from Sunday to Thursday. During Ramadan the hours may be shorter.

FEES: fees range from Dhs.10,000 to Dhs.55,000 per year.

I have listed some primary schools for you below along with their websites and main phone line:

Al Mizhar American Academy for Girls (; 288 7250)
American School of Dubai (; 344 0824)
Australian International School (; 06 558 9967)
Cambrige International School (; 282 4646)
Deira International School (; 232 5552)
Dubai American Academy (; 347 9222)
Dubai British School (; 361 9361)
Dubai English Speaking School (; 337 1457)
Emirates International School (; 362 9009)

Thanks for your question and hope you find this information useful!

Question: Hi Anna, I have a daughter and a son who both started studying at University level this year. My son is studying Electrical Engineering and my daughter is doing a BA Communication. What is the availability of institutions for my two children to continue their studies? Kind regards, Aliwiya.

Dear Aliwiya: The general trend in Dubai is that expat families return their children to their home countries to continue higher education. However, Dubai does have a growing number of internationally recognized universities offering degree courses. You will find these institutions based at Knowledge Village near Media and Internet Cities ( Dubai Academic City, on the outskirts of Dubai, will house a number of tertiary institutions and is due for completion by 2012.

I have listed some tertiary institutions for you below. It may be useful for you to visit the website to obtain more information as required:

American College of Dubai (
American University of Dubai (
American University of Sharjah (
British University of Dubai (
Heriot-Watt University Dubai (
Middlesex University (
University of Wollongong (

Dear Anna, I am currently trying to secure a position as an attorney in Dubai. I have very little experience. My experience has mostly been in the area of domestic relations and civil litigation. Thank You, Nikita.

Dear Nikita: Thank you for your question. Since you have very little experience, it may be challenging for you to secure yourself into a position as a lawyer right away. You may be able to start off as a legal assistant and once you gain some experience, you can move up.

First and foremost, for any legal job in Dubai, employers always require you to have knowledge of governing laws of the UAE and the GCC countries (mostly UAE if you are applying for Dubai). Then, depending on the position you are applying for, employers are going to look for similar 5 - 7 years experience in similar background from the Middle East. Plus, you need to have verbal and written proficiency in English and Arabic for most legal jobs. You may find exceptions to this rule if you land a job with a multinational company.

I definitely encourage you to keep applying as you already have been but perhaps apply for junior positions such as legal assistant initially. Once you gain some valuable experience, you can reapply as a lawyer. Hope this helps!