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  • 9 Million Square Feet of Shopping Mall is Contagious Confidence
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    Yeah right, until I see my credit card bill that is.

    Remember when shopping was that well-deserved break from the daily stresses of work, both in and out of the house? Nowadays, it has been reduced to a routine: Just another stressful leg of your day spent surveying the...

  • Want a Better Job? Play Hard To Get
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    Ever wonder why there has been a sudden proliferation of head hunters and recruiting agencies? Today's job search is a far cry from only scanning the classifieds of your daily paper. Job seekers now have to stay on top of their game and deal with a multitude of recruiting processes to be eligible...

  • As Dubai Grows Vertically So Does Consumer Confidence.
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    If this recent global lending crisis has proven anything throughout the chaos, it's that markets worldwide have never been as integrated and interdependent as they are now. When leaders of the most powerful countries are under constant duress to issue assuring statements of caution, and pledges to put tax...
  • Back to School
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    Ongoing professional development is vital to any career. Unless, you’re at your job just to collect a pay cheque. As an adult, you’ll have to balance your time for going back to school around your career, family life and leisure time. But, you’ll have to think of it in this...

  • Networking
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    What exactly is networking in job-seeking terms? Basically, it’s a group of people willing to offer their help in your job search.

    Don’t be afraid to approach friends and family members. Remember they already know you and will be more than willing to keep an eye and ear out for...