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Hi, I am in the process of finding a position in the UAE as an IB/ English Teacher. If I get a position, what are the requirements for my husband and three year old daughter to relocate with me? How should I approach this situation to the employer. We both currently teach in the US and are US nationals. My husband teaches math and I teach English. Would I have to find a job that will take us both there at the same time, or are there relocation incentives for spouses and dependents? Raheela

Hi Raheela: The process will be relatively easy for you both and your little one since you are American nationals. Once you passed the interview and the job offer has been made, the employer will sponsor you only. Your husband and daughter can accompany you and they can obtain a visit visa, in the meantime, to live with you until the residency visa is stamped on your passport, which usually takes a few days then they can convert their visit visa to your residency visa.

You will have to make at least Dhs.4000 or more to sponsor your husband and daughter. However, with relevant education and work experience from the USA, I’m sure you will be making more than Dhs.4000 a month. Moreover, you will have to figure out if the employer will be offering you accommodation or not. My advice is to find out more information on accommodation before you move to Dubai. If you have friends or family living in Dubai, it’s useful to get in touch with them and find out about residential areas in Dubai and the price range they come with. Employers may or may not offer to cover your airfare, once again the onus is on the job seeker to ask if airfare is covered or not.

A useful site to visit is called Expat Woman ( they have several blogs from women living in Dubai or relocating to Dubai talking about their experiences and giving advice. I’m sure you’ll find some useful tips there. Thanks for your question and Good Luck!

I have a B.Sc. in Industrial chemistry but I want to work as a Nurse/midwife in Dubai. I currently live with my husband in Sharjah. I would appreciate any information on Nursing Schools or universities in UAE. Thanks, Okwy.

Dear Okwy: thank you for your question. As you may already know, you would need to have relevant nursing education to apply for work as a Nurse/midwife in Dubai.

You may want to check out Dubai Health Care City. Their medical community is home to medical, dental, nursing and allied health schools, which offer Continuous Medical Education (CME) courses and postgraduate education. A key member of this community is the Harvard Medical School Dubai Center (HMSDC) for Postgraduate Medical Education and Research. The DHCC aims to build a world-class research infrastructure. One of the pioneers in this field is the Dubai Harvard Foundation for Medical Research (DHFMR) which aims to lead the creation of basic science research. Here’s their website:

You can also visit the RAK Medical & Health Sciences University website: They offer various medical programs including B.Sc. for Nursing. Hope this helps!

Dear Anna, my name is Babitha and currently I’m working as a Soft Skills Trainer in a professional college in India. I am a post graduate in English literature and would like to take up teaching job in Dubai .Any clue where I would look? I would be grateful if you let me know details regarding the teaching jobs in Dubai. Sincereky, Babitha B.Nair.

Hi Babitha: thank you for your question. First, employers in the Middle East look for people with degrees related to the field that they wish to teach (advanced degrees are preferred). For example, if you have a degree in education with a major in English, you can apply at primary or secondary schools.

Basically, you will have to find places which relate to your education and experience. You may want to apply to the schools directly. I wouldn’t recommend local UAE agencies or newspapers for teaching jobs. The best option is to make a direct approach to the school you are interested in. Find out the name of the person who is in charge so that when you fax or email your application you list that persons name and title. You can research IBO – International Baccalaureate Organisation – on their website

You can also research Search Associates which is an organization set up to help teachers find teaching jobs in internationals schools and has an annual teachers job fair in Dubai (mostly for Asian and Middle Eastern schools)

You can also visit Dave’s ESL Café, which features online discussion forms for international teaching

Hope this helps!

Hi Anna, I would like to know how and where I can apply for an internship or graduate trainee program in Dubai. Stewart

Hi Anne: thanks for your question. If you are interested in applying for Internship in the health care field, you can contact the Department of Health and Medical Services in Dubai. From what I know, they do accept non-UAE doctors to do internships and they accept two batches per year, in August and February. But I would recommend that you contact them as much ahead of time as possible to make sure you get in! However, for non-UAE nationals they won’t be paying you for your internship and you won’t have to pay any fees to them either. But you do have to manage your own airfare, accommodations, etc.

If you’re looking for business internship, I know that the Dubai Men’s College has a program where American nationals can exchange with UAE nationals. The program is called Business Internship Initiative (BII) and through this program 30 American students exchange with 24 GCC national students and participate in various business sector internships.

Dubai Holdings also launches an internship program annually but they pretty much have the say in the applications they accept. It’s a bit challenging to get into this internship program as students from over 60 countries apply and only a fraction gets selected. This is, however, a coveted program and the competition to get in is tough but it’s worth it!

Other than that, most companies do offer internship programs but to UAE nationals only or you have to be enrolled in a college/university and then apply to the internship program.

My advice is that if you are targeting a specific company for your internship, keep abreast of the latest news or research blogs online to get more information and stay up-to-date with their developments. Internships are a great incentive on your resume especially if you are a fresh graduate or have little or no work experience in your field. Thank you and Good Luck!

Hi Anna, my name is Firdous. My husband has his Masters in Electronics & Telecom. He is currently working with a small company in Abu Dhabi and is looking to shift his job. His experience totals two years. He has been trying to change his job from 6 months now without any positive result. What are we doing wrong?

Dear Firdous: thank you for your question. This is a very common situation in Dubai.  All jobs offered in Dubai are on contract basis. This is probably why your husband hasn’t been able to change his job. He knows that once he leaves the job, and his contract, there will be a ban on his visa for six months and he will have to leave the country taking you with him. Or, he can get a no objection letter from the employer. From what I’ve heard it’s very difficult to get one and depends mostly on the relationship you have with the employer.

This is exactly why you have to understand exactly what the job offer is before you accept it. Just because a job is paying a good salary or is in a country where you have been looking for work for years, does not make it the ideal job for you. Asking important questions about the position being offered, job responsibilities and how your overall role will affect the company are key questions to ask before accepting the offer.

Unfortunately, Firdous, your husband will have to wait until his contract is over before he can really start looking for work elsewhere OR if he manages to get a no objection letter from the employer. Otherwise, a ban will be imposed on his visa.