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  • Preparing for your job interview
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    By the time you get an interview call, the interviewer is already 20 per cent sold by the background, skills and training on your resume. It’s all about how effectively and convincingly you package yourself for the interview that determines if you get selected or not. You have to become...

  • Participate or not to participate
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    While most employees have the misconception that office politics is about backbiting and backstabbing, what it’s really about is doing things to help you grow in the office. To get a promotion, climb up the corporate ladder, more enjoyment and comfort at a job or hob nob for a...

  • In Dubai, No Job, What Do You Do ?
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    It's more like showing up at someone's birthday party uninvited. What would you do? Look for someone you know? You won't be getting a piece of that birthday cake anytime soon. So do you flip a coin and just go to Dubai because you have a gut feeling, or do you...

  • Resume And Its Content
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    Résumés have become the business card of the job search. Each day terabytes of data is transferred over the Internet to corporations by individuals looking for the right break. The Job Seekers' goals are to impress employers, but what are the employers really looking for in their candidates? Are their methods...

  • Tertiary Education
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    Usually expat families send their children to the home country for university and higher education. However, Dubai does host a number of internationally recognized universities and colleges offering degree and diploma courses

    Many institutions are located at Knowledge Village near Media and Internet Cities ( Dubai Academic City also houses a...