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  • Education - Primary and Secondary
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    Schools in Dubai offer various global curriculums including GCSEs, A levels, French and International Baccalaureate and CNEC as well as American, Australian and Indian equivalents. As of 2007, expat students can study in government schools but subject to conditions such as fees. The teaching standard in Dubai is high...

  • Education - Nursery Level
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    The education system in Dubai is varied and expats can choose from many international schools. With the rapid growth of the city, new schools are opening every year; however, all these schools charge fees as they are not government funded.

    It’s useful to get networking with friends or...

  • Residential Areas Around Dubai
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    Finding a residential area which suits your lifestyle – and budget – may not be so easy to find at the outset but you’ll be surprised at the deals you can find with a bit of networking. Use your social skills and contact family and friends to dig out...

  • Applying for a driver's license
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    Most expats will have to apply for a Dubai driver’s license before they can drive private vehicles. If you have a valid exchangeable license from another country, you can transfer your license and avoid applying for one.

    You must have a residence permit in order to apply for...

  • How to negotiate with your future employer?
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    Before I discuss how you will be negotiating your salary and benefits with your future employer, I think it’s key to discuss how the city and lifestyle really is in Dubai. It’s vital to spend time researching the purchasing power of your paycheck. No doubt Dubai is a beautiful...