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Hello Anna, my company has a clause in the offer letter that one cannot join the competitor of that company. If suppose, I get a better offer from the competitor of the current company and join that company, what could be the penalty if the previous company found out that it's previous employee joined the competitor?
Regards: Murtuza Khargonwala.

Dear Murtaza: First, your contact, with the existing employer, should state the length of time that you can not work with a competitor, say from 2 to 5 years after employment or whatever your contract states. In any case, if you do find work with a competitor and the first employer finds out, they can take you to court and, of course, you will loose your job. You can always hire a lawyer but the Immigration Department almost always favors the employer.

If you haven’t signed the contract or accepted the job offer yet, then don’t go through with it. Especially if you feel that you will be enticed with another job offer. My advice is that it’s not work the risk. Your best option would be to obtain an approval from the existing company and get something in writing that it would be OK for you to work with a competitor. The situation isn’t exactly black or white and there are a lot of grey areas. For example, it depends on how long you have been working for the existing employer and what type of relationship you have with them. Hope this helps.

Hi Anna! In applying for work in Dubai do I need to bring my certification from my former employment and my transcript of records from my school? Thanks, Josette Baiwis.

Hi Josette: Thank you for your question. Yes, definitely bring attested documents with you when you come to Dubai. It saves you time and effort. Otherwise, you will have to do all the paperwork from Dubai, which may take extra time especially if you get a job offer and you really want to go through with it.

Please visit the Career Center for general guidelines on how to notarize your documents. Notarizing and Attesting Documents.

Hi Anna, do companies in Dubai encourage or discourage those applicants who would have to re-locate with a family. In other words, do single applicants stand a better chance of a job offer? Thanks, Lance.

Hi Lance, thanks for the question. First, it is entirely up to you if you want your family to relocate with you. The employer is only going to issue you a single work permit. If you earn more than 4000 Dirham a month, you will be able to sponsor your family to live with you.

Generally, employers would pick single job seekers over married ones, because they tend to make the transition to Dubai quicker. As a single person, you don’t have to worry about moving your family once you are settled. Finding accommodation for a single person is generally easier what with the range of hotels and hostels available throughout the city.

I recommend that you find out exactly what the employment contract entails and what is being offered with the position. Sometimes the employer will cover single accommodation only and, if you plan to move your family to Dubai, you may have to do some research to find out about family accommodation and how much it will cost. Generally the cost of living in Dubai is very expensive. It is easy for expats to live comfortably if you don’t get seduced by the luxurious lifestyle and shopping malls!

Most single expats choose to cook at home, which helps them save money. With your family around, you may have to face additional expenses. For example, if your wife is working then you will have to arrange for daycare. If your children are going to nursery school or grade school, you will have to enroll them in a private school; the fee varies from school to school so you will have to do additional research.

My advice is to weigh your options before you move there and definitely discuss it with your family. It’s easier if you know what the job is offering and how long your contract will be. Thanks and Good Luck!!

Dear Anna, if my employment contract and residence visa has expired, can it be restored by another company?

Dear Ruslan: Thank you for your message. Even if your residency visa expires, you can stay in Dubai for the next six months or longer. For example, expats can stay on an expired visa for approximately 4-6 months and when they finally get another job, and it’s time to transfer it to a new sponsor, they go to the courts to lower the fine. I know it’s been done and it’s normal. This is one option. The other will be to renew it by exiting and returning back to Dubai. The fines are usually 100 AED per day over stay. My advice is to speak with a PRO there who can guide you in the right direction.
Thanks for your question.

Hi Anna, the Salary Wizard on the JID site needs to be revised as the salaries mentioned for Artists/Graphics Designers/ Art Directors is too low. Can anyone revise it? How does JID calculate the salary index and how often does it update? Best regards, Amit.

Dear Amit: Thank you for your question and your feedback! We will do some more research at our end to find out about salaries for the graphics and arts profession and be sure to update that on our site. We create our salary index based on the research we do on the profession in Dubai. We also refer to different news paper sites and also to the job postings we receive from employers. It’s pretty challenging to get up-to-date salaries because many employers do not post a salary on the job posting. We will keep your suggestion in mind and update the site soon! Thank you!