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  • Driving In Dubai
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    You drive on the right-hand side of the road in Dubai and seatbelts are mandatory. Although the atmosphere in Dubai is very friendly, Dubai is part of the United Arab Emirates and has local laws and customs which are very important to be aware of and follow. Minor driving...

  • Why should I work in Dubai?
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    Why Should I Work in Dubai?

    Dubai's commercial environment is the most favorable in the industrialized world. Dubai is one of the most relaxed places to live in the Gulf region since it has the most secure and tolerant regime. Dubai has grown rapidly in the past 30 years, especially since...

  • Gargash Motors and General Trading
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    JID is featuring an urgent job posting from the Gargash Group of Companies.

    Gargash Motors is highly regarded for its corporate standing among the elite trading houses. The company is the UAE’s sole distributor of Mercedes Benz, and Alpha Romeo since 1992 and SAAB since 2000 and runs a large car rental fleet at...

  • The importance of contact information
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    Jobs in Dubai Inc is an innovator in e-recruitment. We have introduced a new method of hiring candidates which is much more effective and convenient for employers than traditional recruitment.

    Our service provides a network for job seekers all over the world, and employers in the gulf region,...