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Hello Anna: I am a recent graduate and I am working as a teller in in Soner Bank Limited, Pakistan. I want to know what documents are required by the employer and what do employers normally look for in graduates?
Regards, Zubair Ali

Dear Zubair: Thank you for your question. There is a lot of paperwork involved when moving to a new place, including Dubai. If you are starting a job there, most employers will require you to have all your education certificates certified, notarized and attested in your home country where they were issued. At some stage, you will require the following documents as well:

Valid Passport (meaning valid for up to 6 months or more)
Birth Certificate
Marriage certificate/Divorce papers (if applicable)
Driving license
Education certificates
School records (children’s school records, if applicable)
Power of attorney

As a fresh graduate, you have more to offer an employer than you think. First, you are most likely single, which means it will be easy for you to relocate and settle yourself without having to worry about a family. Second, since you are fresh out of school, you have up-to-date skills to offer employers. In your resume, you may want to underscore projects you worked on in school. For example, coursework develops your report writing, written/communication skills; lab work develops technical and scientific skills.

No doubt, the employer will examine your degree but also your demonstrative personal skills and abilities. Employers will also refer to your generic skills such as communication skills, teamwork or interpersonal skills, analytical skills or managing skills. As a fresh graduate, be prepared to start at the bottom. You may have to look at an entry level position and then work your way into positions with more responsibility. For example, if you want a management position in Telecommunications or Financial Organization you may need to start your career in a call centre. But remember, the employer will be watching so be sure to show-off your skills and you will see yourself climbing the ladder in no time.

Good Luck

Hi Anna: I have been working in Dubai for the last 6 months. I want to know if there will be a ban if I apply for another job or is there any way to avoid this? Thanks (Ismail)

Dear Ismail: Thank you for your question. According to the Immigration Department, any expatriate employee who cancels the residence visa will get a six month ban. However, depending on the relationship with your employer, you may be able to get a No Objection Letter. If you obtain a NOB letter, you may be able to avoid getting a ban. There is a list of professionals issued by the Dubai Immigration Department who are exempt from the visa ban or they can get their visas transferred without being hit with a ban. So far the categories are listed below:

1) Engineers.

2) Doctors.

3) Agricultural advisors.

4) Qualified accountants and auditors.

5) Administration officers who are graduates.

6) Technicians in electronics, scientific equipment and labs.

7) Licensed drivers for driving heavy vehicles and buses, if transfer their sponsorship to similar party.

8) Persons working in private oil companies when transferred between companies.

I would recommend you to get in touch with the Dubai Immigration Department for up to date information about the No Objection Letter and the list of ban exempt professions.

Hello, Anna I have a question. I have just receved an offer to work with a Dubai based Real Estate Company, The have offered me to work as a Reale Estate agent/ Property Consultant. I have some experience in that field. What I would like to know is if the salary and the commission that I have been offered is reasonable. The Basic salary is 2800 US Dollers each month and a comision on 1% for each sale that I make. What is the common commission and basic salary for a Reale Estate agent in Dubai? (Submitted by Amir)

Dear Amir

Thank you for your question. I would like to inform you at the outset that the information I will be providing you, based on your question, is after I have done some research into the market. Recruiters can not advise you on how much money you will be making or should be making. Since it is the employer who hires you, they inform you, after reviewing your education, experience, background, the position you are hired for and the responsibilities for your position, exactly how much they are willing to offer you.

After doing some research, I have found that base salary for real estate agents is normally about 3000 Dirham a month. As far as the commission you make, it varies from employer to employer, which can be about 1% to 2%.

Thank you and good luck.

I am from Pakistan and I have done graduation in commerce. Also I am working as Exucutive - Export Documentation, I want to know what academic documents are required by the employer and what do employers normally look for in graduates? (Farhan Khan)

Dear Farhan

Thank you for your question. There is no doubt that you will need to get your education certificates certified, notarized and attested if you will be starting a new job. You will have to notarise your birth certificate, marriage certificate (divorce papers if applicable), all education certificates, professional certificates and power of attorney (for your marriage). You have to make sure that your passort will be valid for at least six months when you accept the job offer and have atlest three unused pages. Always make sure that you keep copies of all your important documents with you and a set with somone else you trust. Apart from documents you need to notarise, you must have the following documents with you: passport, driving license (or international driving license if applicable) and your children's school records.

It is relatively easy for employers to hire exprienced job seekers because it is easy to track their background or evaluate them. However, with recent graduates, employers will have to rely on your college/university grades. Most likely you will be asked questions that help the employer understand how willing you are to learn and get the job done, how manageable you are from day to day and for certain types of situations.

Avoid using phrases such as, "I am a people person," or "I like working as part of a team." These answers sound generic and do not separate you from the herd of other fresh graduates the employer has yet to interview. For example if you want to stress that you are a team player, it is always useful to use an example or situation which clearly illustrates how effective you are as a team player or an ability that allows you to work as a people person.

You do not need to memorize situations and snap them to employers immediately. Feel free to take a few seconds and answer clearly and collect your thoughts before answering. Also, it is useful if you have done some research on the company ahead of time or researched a bit about the position you are applying for so you can ask the right questions at the end of the interview.

Good Luck!


What are the most frequently asked questions during an interview? (Submitted by Edna)

Dear Edna

Thank you for your question. There are a number of different questions that an employer can ask you during an interview. They can ask you behavioral questions or situational questions. They can even ask you questions specifically related to your field/profession or the job title you are applying for. Nonetheless, below, you can find ten general interview questions:

Tell me about your proudest accomplishment

Why did you leave your last job

What features of your last job did you dislike

What is your greatest weakness

What are your strengths

What features of your previous job did you like

Describe a time when you were criticized for performance

You have a lot of experience. Why would you want to apply for this job?

I am worried about your lack of experience in...

Describe how you work under pressure or deadlines.

Thank you and good luck!