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I was wondering however, if you would be able to answer a couple of queries I have. My wife is in the IT industry here and we have a seven hear old plus a pre-schooler. How would we get on with child care and after school care if my wife were to be able to get a job in IT there? Regards, Brendan Ross

Hi Brendan, thank you for your question.

Childcare is very different in the UAE than you might see in your home country. Normally, you would have to hire a full-time or part-time maid. Usually expatriates go by word of mouth by speaking with neighbours or friends, to find someone that you can be comfortable leaving with your child, like another mom who is willing to take care of your child for an agreed fee. I would recommend your wife to visit to get started.

There are some domestic agencies that offer babysitting services but you may not get the same helper each time. Their names and numbers are below:

Home Help: 355-5100

Ready Mais: 339-5722

Sky Maid Services: 332-4600

Tender Love and Care: 367-1636

If you ask around, you can find a maid who can babysit around your schedule. For examples, evenings only. You can even find some classroom assistants, as they might be looking for extra work or you might even find a teenager in your area who is willing to help.

Thank you and good luck


Recently i quit from government of Dubai ports company. I had a open contract with them.My residence visa was cancelled. Do I have a ban to work with new company in Dubai.How to know weather i am banned. Is ban imposed on Passport or individual name. After comming back to india I had to make new passport as old was valid only for 4 months. With new passport can i get employment visa for new company. (Submitted by Raghavendra.Kodagali)

Dear Raghavendra

Thank you for your question. There is a list of professionals who are exempt from the visa ban or they can get their visas transfered without being hit with a ban. So far the categories are listed below:


1) Engineers.

2) Doctors.

3) Agricultural advisors.

4) Qualified accountants and auditors.

5) Administration officers who are graduates.

6) Technicians in electronics, scientific equipment and labs.

7) Licenced drivers for driving heavy vehicles and buses, if transfer their sponsorship to similar party.

8) Persons working in private oil companies when transferred between companies.

If your profession matches any one of the eight professional titles above then you should not have been hit with the ban. However, if you do not know that you have been hit with a ban, you should contact the Dubai Immigration Department immediately to find out. The ban will obviously be on your passport; however, your name and personal details are also on the passport. For more information about the ban and how it effects you, you should be contacting the Dubai Immigration Department for accurate answers.


I am doing my second year BA media and communication. I am currently looking at job opportunities in Dubai but I see that most employers require a minimum of 2 years experience. My question is where can I get this experience? I can never get experience if everyone asks for experience at the beginning? I was hoping that I can get an internship in Dubai for PR and even managemetn so that I can gain my experience. Please advise (Submitted by Mamta)

Dear Mamta

Thank you for your question. The question you pose is a very popular one. You can definitely obtain an internship in Dubai but you will have to be enrolled in a university in Dubai first. Normally, the university would advertise the internship, in the university itself, and if you meet the requirements as set out by the university, you can apply directly.

I always remind fresh graduates that they have a number of benefits over a well experienced professional. You may be single, which means that employers would not have to spend extra money on you for your family. You are a new graduate, which means that you have recently learned new and up-to-date skills, which is definitely a plus for the employer, since they will not have to worry about training you on the basics.

If you feel you are having a hard time profiling your resume, don't! There are a number of aspects you can highlight in your resume. Feel free to write about any projects you successfully completed, any courses you enjoyed doing, etc. Also, if you have completed any courses which are relevant to the position you are applying for, even better! You can also write about some volunteer work or community projects you participated in.

I would recommend that you try to focus on what you can offer the employer instead of shelving away your hopes at the outset!

Good luck.


I have a B.Tech degree in mechanical engineering. I am a fresher in this area. When I go for interview one question is common "Tell me about your self" . Can you please give me some tips? Kundan Kumar

Dear Kundan, thank you for your question. It is very common for many employers to begin their questioning by the phrase "Tell me about…" Be aware, however, that you should not delve into any personal achievements. Always keep your answers or replies directed towards employment or work-related achievements, community or association work can also be used an examples. If the question is simply "Tell me about yourself?" avoid noting personal information such as "I lost 75 pounds", you can cite a specific work related example such as "As part of our company’s fundraising efforts, I started a newsletter and I am rather proud of it. The newsletter has helped increase donations by 13% and we have received lot of positive feedback about it." You can also talk about a specialized degree or training course you want to complete.

Thank you and good luck


Hi, I am a second year student at Aston University in the UK. As part of my degree in computer science, I have the opportunity to take an industrial placement. I grew up in Dubai and my parents are still living there. I was wondering how I would go about applying for an internship with software development companies in Dubai? David Raynor

Dear David, thank you for your question. You will have to be enrolled in a university in the UAE in order for you to get an internship at a host company in the UAE. Unfortunately, at this time, there is no way to work around this rule. Normally, the university you are enrolled in will post a new internship position and if your grade point average meets the requirements, you can apply to the host company. If you are thinking of coming to study in the UAE, you can visit (Dubai Knowledge Village) to see which schools offer the programs you are interested in.