Sitting quietly on the passenger seat looking out the window on my journey home from the airport, I realized a lot had changed about this beautiful city Dubai. It has been a home for foreigners like me because it had always gone above and beyond in serving the best to every community. When one looks through the global map, it looks like a mere piece of land, and to humor one further an unknown land to the rest of the world until recently.

Dubai, had challenged the likes of Shanghai city building an infrastructure of class and structures beyond imagination. A board of true visionaries took the first step into making it a known face internationally. Several rags to riches stories could be taken from here. One may call it a ‘land of opportunities.’

Property market, and other industries were at its heightened boom, and many new timers made lump sum, until the start of global downturn. Like the saying goes; “ when the going is good its all praises, and one fall back leads to nothing but misery.” The government has been accused of its negligence in proper decision making concerning the property prices. But in true respect, are they the only ones to only blame? Top international financial companies and consultants were serving the boom consistently without accounting for negative shortfalls. Intelligent house owners and investors failed to see reality, mystified in greed. If it’s a combination of people, government and corporates involved why do we all reside into false accusations?

It is true that my city does not look as it used to, not because it has lost its color but because the people have failed to support and lost faith. It stands proud and still even now and asks for some form of pay back for all the good times given in the past.

Dubai will always remain the best city for me, as even now if I walk out at midnight I am rest assured that I am safe and sound.

Thank you Dubai for making me a proud resident member.

Written by: Natasha Shrimanker

JID - Editorial Team