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Gynecologists have to diagnose the patients and identify their problems from the diagnostic tests as well as note down the symptoms patients are experiencing
Conduct research and examine the symptoms to give proper medications and dosage assistance to the patients
Keep a track of the progress shown by the patients during the treatment process
Suggest alternative treatments in case there is no health progress
Perform surgeries in case of chronic and serious reproductive disorders
They also provide health care assistance to the pregnant women in prenatal, natal and postnatal care
They provide dietary tips and conduct regular examinations for pregnant women
They are the whole and sole of the entire delivery process and also provide healthcare tips for the babies
They perform surgeries during the delivery if necessary
Provide all types of consulting help related to women's reproductive system
Maintain reports of the patients that can help them in future treatments
Refer patients to other specialists in case the disease is related to some other medical problem
Consult with other doctors and take their help in the treatment process
Give alternate treatments options to the patients and help them understand the exact process of treatment concerned to their disease
Conduct conferences and seminars related to health management and dietary plans for women

Gynecologists should have ability to diagnose the disease appropriately and provide proper treatment assistance to the patients
They should be skilled at using advanced treatment methods which are best in the industry
Should upgrade themselves regularly by learning advanced treatment methods
Should raise appropriate questions to the patients and make them feel comfortable while discussing any health issues
They should have ability to maintain a friendly relationship with the patients so that the patient does not feel uncomfortable talking to them
Must be polite, enthusiastic and should have a pleasant personality
Must carry confidence and have ability to take appropriate decisions in case of conflicts in the treatment process
Ability to handle all kinds of cases, critical and uncritical
Excellent communication skills are also one of the most important requirements


  • Position Gynecologist
  • Job Category Health Care
  • Location United Arab Emirates
  • Education Masters Degree
  • Experience 1 - 5 Years
  • Reference Number H-098765
  • Updated on Sunday, August 11, 2019

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