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VAM Systems is a Business Consulting, IT Solutions and Services company with operations in UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, USA, Australia, Singapore & India.

VAM Systems is currently looking for Server Engineer for our Bahrain operations with the following skillsets & terms and conditions:

Experience and skills

At least 5 years’ experience in server management environments, Including support technologies enterprise such as Exchange, Mobile Device Technology, VMware, Active Directory, SharePoint, File sharing, web services (IIS), Networks and management services.
Should have the ability to handle and manage cloud servers from Amazon AWS, Study, creation, solutions, analysis, discovery and resolution of problems,
Two specialized certificates in the management of Amazon cloud servers AWS Certified SysOps Administrator and AWS Certified DevOps Engineer.

Role, duties and responsibilities:

Run and monitor all server systems in the organization and Infrastructure Information technology related to servers.
Install, configure, test and maintain operating systems, application software and server management tools.
Ensures a high level of operations for server systems and available infrastructure.
Monitor application performance and run tests for potential bottleneck and identify possible solutions and work with developers, engineers, and technicians to implement these fixes.
Maintain security and backup strategies.
Ability to write scripts and commands related to server systems and periodically review and maintain them to increase system efficiency and reduce the time of human intervention
Participate in information design and operational support systems that are relevant in the field of servers.
Provide support to Organization staff in matters related to servers.
Communicate with companies and other IT staff to resolve any problem within their specialization.
Develop, create, install, integrate, maintenance, and troubleshooting of servers for the organization of System Servers, the Network, Storage and Backup System Archive server, E-mail Exchange, Staff Management System, Active directory.
Evaluate and optimize server systems, storage processes systems, and networks through a daily and consistent technical assessment report and daily technical reporting to the Head of Technical Support and the Director of Information Systems Management.
Plan technical map for application of Wintel, VM, AD, Network, Storage, Backup/Archive & Management.   Prepare and maintain a storage plan Server to facilitate new requirements, innovative technology and accelerated technology growth.
Monitor disk capacity, CPU, performance Processor in providing the best performance for the user.
Design and implementation of systems, policies and preventive data recovery in disaster situations and data archiving to ensure the effective protection of the assets and data integrity.
Develop, implement and maintain policies, procedures and training plans related to the management of server systems and the most appropriate use and restoration of disaster capability immediately.
Quarterly review of all user access rights is guaranteed by review, approval and updating across all systems.
Develop the technical specifications and settings of all server-related systems, even if the technology used in server systems (e.g.: not only cloud servers, virtualization technology, etc.) has changed through the development, management and design of debugging methods and ensuring efficient operation.
The request for the acquisition and installation of any device or system to ensure all systems in the technical infrastructure and systems, whether in the field of work or related fields
Install and configure storage devices and related software.
He is sometimes a member of the infrastructure team for key MIS projects and participates as a server engineer.
Responsible for implementing all updates to the production environment through familiar tools in this field.
Monitor and maintain server infrastructure as well as relationships with external vendors.
Respond to all system alerts - error indicators, error messages, Faults, terminal faults, and securing /monitoring all access to these systems.
Manage and operate data mirroring solution according to Disaster Recovery Plan.
Communicate and implement, through system procedures, data retention policies.
Anticipate all problems that may occur with a plan to identify, terminate or mitigate them, to ensure rapid response and resolution using storage devices, storage access, and data recovery.
Monitor, analyze and anticipate trends in storage equipment performance, space allocation and data growth to recommend improvements to IT storage team.
Develop procedure for end users to facilitate storage best practices.
Create or support the creation of required reports in response to the needs of business users, to the management and / or provide guidance to junior members of the team.
Ensure the safety and security of the Organization’s data on host computers and during the transfer of data in accordance with business needs and best practices in this area with regard to privacy, security and regulatory compliance.
The end - user accounts and manage permissions and access rights and storage allocations according to the best practices related to privacy and security and compliance with regulations.
Help in system security, check Server performance and test routine system backup.   To anticipate, Identify and troubleshoot hardware and software problems on servers.
Manage backup, assets, maintenance, related documentation, and related technical specifications.
Support application development teams throughout the project lifecycle.
Analyze system and Server Application, network and I / O device performance.
Set the schedule for software, hardware, upgrades, patches, reconfigurations, and purchases.
Research is undertaken on emerging products, services, protocols and standards to support software procurement and systems development efforts.
Maintain the confidentiality of information, transactions, activities and anything related to the Organization and shall not disclose it to any person or institution in anyway except through an official statement written by the Organization represented by the Department of Information Systems. 

Joining time frame:   2 weeks (maximum 1 month).

Terms and conditions: 

The selected candidates shall join VAM SYSTEMS – Bahrain and shall be deputed to one of the leading Government Organizations in Bahrain.


  • Position System Administrator
  • Job Category Tech Contract / Information Technology
  • Location Bahrain
  • Education Bachelors Degree
  • Experience 5 - 10 Years
  • Reference Number S-846544
  • Updated on Friday, August 2, 2019

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