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In general, tasks typically involve:

* Receives Daily Sales Reports of the Branch.
* Prepares Monthly Financial Statements of the Branch.
* Prepares analysis of financial statements.
* Prepares check payments for signature.
* Checks the change fund and petty cash fund of the Branch.
* Compiles all accounting reports of the Branch.
* Attest to monthly physical inventory at the end of the month.
* Conducts periodic cash counts.
* Performs other duties as maybe assigned by the Franchisee.
* Reviewing and updating health and safety policies.
* Assists with collections.
* Manages the payroll process.
* Prepares specific reports requested by the Board of Directors.
* Cooperates fully with the Chief Financial Officer.


* Team player, leadership, assertive, strong interpersonal and communication skills, detail oriented, cleanliness and service oriented, flexible, patient, dependable, and honest.
* Trustworthy
* Commitment to facilitate an enjoyable work environment.
* Carries professionalism into all aspects of responsibility.
* Demonstrated ability to organize, set and implement priorities, manage multiple tasks, and evaluate performance.
* Minimum five years work experience in similar environment.
* Knowledge of bookkeeping, budgets, payroll practices preferred.
* Strong ability with QuickBooks and Excel.
* Strong computer and writing skills.
* Strong interpersonal and professional skills.
* Arabic and English speaking preferred


Organizes and supervises all of the bookkeeping, financial reporting, and payroll activities that facilitate a smooth running Accounting Department. This role is similar to that of a Head of Accounting Department. An Accounting Manager may be expected to carry out a range of bookkeeping, analysis, collections, purchasing, invoicing, payroll, and financial reporting-related tasks. He or she is ultimately responsible for ensuring that the Companys finances runs efficiently, under the direction of the Finance Director. The nature of this position requires extreme confidentiality, and so trustworthiness and integrity are key characteristics.


  • Position Accountant
  • Job Category Restaurant / Food Service
  • Location United Arab Emirates
  • Education Bachelors Degree
  • Experience 5 - 10 Years
  • Reference Number RES-219
  • Updated on Thursday, May 16, 2019

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