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-Respond efficiently to inquiries for DMC data and respond with appropriate information about DMCII products and services.
-Contact potential clients to understand and quantify their requirements and budgets, and sell the advantages of DMCII products.
-Prepare proposals and quotations for provision of DMC data or services for potential clients, in liaison with the DMCII Operations Manager.
-Maintain up-to-date information on all customer interactions in the CRM database.

The skills are:-
-Gaining Commitments Instead of Closing.
-Building Strong Relationships.
-Reaching Decision-Makers Through Voice-mail.

-They are responsible for developing a strong relationship between the company and the customer.
-The Sales Executive should have a good system to maintain all client details for further references.
-Must be able to recognize the potentials of a customer and accordingly chart out a deal to benefit both the customer and the organization equally.
-Must have in depth knowledge of the product to be able to explain the pros and cons of the product to a customer and demonstrate the various functionalities of the product.


  • Position Sales
  • Job Category Sales
  • Location United Arab Emirates
  • Education Higher Secondary
  • Experience 1 - 5 Years
  • Reference Number SL-1002
  • Updated on Friday, July 12, 2019

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