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 Quality Control Assurance Officer Construction / Facilities 10/22/2019 [ APPLY NOW ]
United Arab Emirates
REF NO: CST-0672
Education :  Bachelors Degree
Experience :  1 - 5 Years

Skills :  Must be a Civil Engineer
Responsibilities :  1. Provides quality assurance and control support activities to ensure that products or services provided are in accordance with our client ADSSC and Parsons Quality requirements.
2. Verifies that Parsons and customers' quality requirements are in compliance with quality standards and quality program requirements for products and services provided.
3. Plans, directs and performs QA audits of internal and external organizations.
4. Identifies and reports quality issues in the assigned area or product based on data from a variety of sources,
5. Recommends and/or verifies implementation of appropriate corrective action for quality issues, in coordination with program management, engineering, purchasing, construction management and others.
6. Prepares QA/QC manuals, plans, and/or procedures, and coordinates their review.
7. Reviews documentation related to product quality in the assigned area, such as quality manuals and procedures, technical deliverables, test procedures and operation sheets, purchase orders, and subcontracts.
8. Provides support to management as directed for quality activities related to internal or external organizations (customers, suppliers, subcontractors, and others).
9. Performs other functions associated with this position as appropriate and directed by management.

Description :  We are looking for a Quality Control Assurance Officer.

 Quantity Surveyor Construction / Facilities 10/22/2019 [ APPLY NOW ]
United Arab Emirates
REF NO: CST-0673
Education :  Bachelors Degree
Experience :  1 - 5 Years
Responsibilities :  1- Provide valuable inputs to prepare departmental Quality plan and execute accordingly.
2- Receive tender drawing, specification BoQ and produce sufficient data (quantity take off) based on study of above tender documents in proper format as prescribed by ISO 9001:2000.
3- Prepare separate files of each calculation, correspondence including original documents as prescribed by ISO 9001:2000.
4- Coordinate with estimator for further clarification and correspondence for various items to different supplier/subcontractors in proper format as prescribed by ISO 9001:2000, which are not in scope of ADSSC.
5- Discuss with estimator for any discrepancies found in tender documents during quantity analysis and send to client/consultant in order to clarify such discrepancies.
6- Conduct various correspondences for clarifications / queries prior to bidding and to maintain sufficient backup for further justification (if needs).
7- Follow up with suppliers/ subcontractors to ensure that their quotation must receive prior to date of deadline in coordination with estimator.
8- Prepare list of suppliers subcontractors and make the inquiry.
9- Prepare comparison cost analysis sheet of subcontractor offers available from the correspondence and submit to estimator for proper evaluation and selection.
10- Review subcontractors, suppliers proposals and choose the best subcontractor based on their performance evaluation done by project in coordination with purchasing.
11- Produce all items including subcontractors works in proper format prescribed by ISO 9001:2000.
12- Prepare pricing of all calculated quantities and preliminary cost and forward to estimator for further actions.
13- Workout price estimation & submit to estimator for review.
14- Prepare the final proposal as per the client requirements and compliance with State law of UAE.
15- Organize all the required documents mentioned in tender, which enables to submit proposal within dead line.
16- Proper take care of all submitted tender documents to avoid misuse and being safeguard.
17- Assist to develop price break down of labor, time and its accessories as estimation and update regularly for competitive bidding in coordination with Estimator.
18- Keep proper filing and up to date suppliers, subcontractor list using approved formats ISO 9001:2000.
19- Organize complete sets of documents to be hand over to Cost Control after awarding of project such as qty calculation, steel reinforcement, allowed costs, timber etc.
20- Assist estimator for post tender activities if queries made from clients/consultant.
21- Organize and prepare all regular reports such as (daily -- weekly -- monthly).
22- Provide assistance for sort out of variation orders.
23- Duty hour starts as normal work hours or as per latest instruction issued by PM.
24- Performs any other similar duties assigned by PM Requirements.

Description :  We are looking to hire a Quantity Surveyor.

 Accountant Construction / Facilities 10/22/2019 [ APPLY NOW ]
United Arab Emirates
REF NO: CST-0674
Education :  Bachelors Degree
Experience :  1 - 5 Years
Responsibilities :  
1. The Logistic & Procurement Officer is responsible to the Corporate Project Management for the overall operation of the procurement function, to ensure material and labour that meets with the requirements of the project as effected on site at the planned programme time.

2. Identify, select and contract vendors both local and international against the best possible legal and commercial conditions, and immediate savings.

3. Responsible for pricing and terms of contracts.

4. Contribute in the design, development, implementation and maintenance of procurement, purchasing, logistics and distribution directives, rules and guidelines, in order to achieve the most cost-effective processes for the organization, Develop, maintain and manage a relationship with vendors and internal customers on all organizational levels

5. Select and approve (local & international) suppliers or partners for the organization, based upon a thorough selection process, responsibility for negotiating and agreeing the best possible pricing and terms with the vendors confirmed by contracts

Description :  We are looking to hire an Accountant.

 Procurement Manager Construction / Facilities 10/22/2019 [ APPLY NOW ]
United Arab Emirates
REF NO: CST-0676
Education :  Bachelors Degree
Experience :  1 - 5 Years
Responsibilities :  
1. Getting goods and services for the best price and value.
2. Cutting any waste and unnecessary costs to create a streamlined process and fast production times.
3. Working with suppliers to ensure that key processes are running efficiently and cost-effectively.
4. Building strong working relationships both internally and with key suppliers.
5. Contract management and negotiation.
6. Understanding and keeping up with new trends and regulations in the business.
7. Dealing with international suppliers.

Description :  We are looking to Hire a Procurement Manager.

 Site Engineer Construction / Facilities 10/22/2019 [ APPLY NOW ]
United Arab Emirates
REF NO: CST-0675
Education :  Bachelors Degree
Experience :  1 - 5 Years
Responsibilities :  
1. Execution and supervision of all construction activities as per the construction methodology.
2. Planning the construction activities daily, weekly and monthly.
3. Execution of required work through setting out, explaining and delegating tasks to surveyors, foremen, subcontractors, and labourers.
4. Allocate responsibility and manage all junior staff.
5. Prepare daily, weekly and monthly progress report.
6. Attends regular meeting with client, civil engineers and consultant to provide update on project progress.
7. Supervises and monitors project progress through site general supervisors from project initiation and close out and to ensure mile stones achieved are per contractual obligation and clients/ consultant satisfaction.
8. Preparing the RFIs and coordinate with third party for inspection.
9. Attending meetings with Client/ Consultant/ Contractor/ Local Authorities if any.
10. Oversees quality control and safety matter on the site and ensures that regulations are adhered to.
11. Handles and supervises all civil works and ensures that construction activities are complying with contractual obligations and quality control standards.
12. Coordination with design team for solving any difficulty.
13. Prepares/ supervised necessary documents for the completion of work and have them authorized by the consultants after inspection.

Description :  We are looking to hire a Site Engineer.