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 Recruiter Human Resources 9/18/2018 [ APPLY NOW ]
logo_16983.gif TELETECH
REF NO: HR-0300
Education :  Bachelors Degree
Experience :  1 - 5 Years

Skills :  Basic Qualifications
1. Desire to achieve aggressive high-volume recruiting goals under tight deadlines
2. Strong ability to interview for required performance and skill set
3. 2+ years recruiting experience
4. Great interpersonal skills with candidates of all ages and backgrounds
5. Experience with Taleo or similar candidate tracking database, Excel, Internet, and other recruitment technology
6. Ability to influence others by example, coaching, and mentoring
7. Strong verbal and written communication skills
8. High level of integrity, judgment, and follow-through
9. Strong attention to detail
10. Willingness to continue education and training
11. Must be in your current role for a minimum of 6 months
12. No active disciplinary action for the past 90 days

1. Behavioral Interviewing Certification
2. Previous call center recruiting experience
3. High-volume recruiting experience

Description :  Recruit quality talent to meet aggressive associate hiring requirements for specific clients. They also assist in general and administrative (G&A) recruiting in support of TeleTech?s business units. This may include screening resumes and applications, conducting initial phone screens, administering TeleTech approved tests, scheduling onsite interviews, conducting interviews, making offers, and completing all associated paperwork for each individual hire. Recruiters may implement sourcing strategies and actively build relationships within the community to provide new sources of quality candidates. While they function as part of the Talent Acquisition team, they are also responsible for aggressive individual recruiting goals which are monitored daily and weekly. Recruiter must be able to quickly adapt plans and shift directions in order to meet changing client requirements and TeleTech processes. This is a challenging position that is suited for a high-energy individual who must be able to meet aggressive goals and timelines.

Key Performance Objectives
1. Achieve 100% of assigned associate recruiting targets. Recruiters recruit high quality candidates in order to meet daily, weekly, and monthly goals associated with each client hiring goal. Goals can be very aggressive ranging from 15-75 new hires per week, requiring screening 30-200 new applicants per week. Fifty percent of the job is screening these candidates and deciding whether to send them through the full hiring process. In addition to achieving hiring goals, Recruiters are also responsible for quality of hire as measured by graduation rates and attrition in the first 30, 60, and 90 days. They may also help TA Managers to source, screen, and interview candidates for G&A positions. (Time management, efficiency, urgency, accountability)

2. Understand key business objectives, timeframes, legal issues, and requirements associated with each new client. Recruiters quickly learn TeleTech?s processes for screening, interviewing, and processing candidates on behalf of each new client and adapt quickly to changes in the process. Understand the hiring requirements and performance expectations for each client while strictly adhering to TeleTech?s hiring policies. Help educate newer TA Specialists in hiring processes and tools. (Attention to detail and process, business acumen, legal implications, customer service, follow-through)

3. Implement high-volume sourcing strategies to attract candidates that meet the client?s specifications. Partner with the appropriate corporate support team for the following tasks: writing creative ads, posting ads on internet job boards and placing advertisements in newspapers, and searching resume databases (both internal and external) for quality candidates as required. Recruiters may also represent TeleTech at community events and job fairs. They may participate in creating awareness by placing posters or distributing fliers at appropriate community locations. Actively solicit employee referrals and engage in sourcing activities to attract passive candidates. (Knowledge of sourcing channels, creativity, sales, strong communication skills ? verbal and written)

4. Improve the key success metrics associated with hiring goals. These include:
1. Cost per Hire (goals will vary by business unit)
2. New Hire First Day No Call No Show percentage
3. Hiring timeline and time to fill open positions
4. Meeting client hiring requirements (varies based on client and ramp)
5. 60-day attrition rate for new hires

Recruiters constantly look for opportunities to improve the current process and share their ideas with their TA Manager and team. They will often be assigned to research or pilot changes to the TA processes. They actively partner with the operations team to gauge the effectiveness of each class by monitoring a candidate?s progress through training and their first 30, 60, and 90 days on the job. They quickly diagnose problems and make recommendations to improve candidate quality and reduce attrition. (Data analysis, innovation, persuasion, accountability, problem solving)

5. Act as a talent ambassador for TeleTech within the local community. Recruiters reach out to influential people in associations, civic groups, community partners and educational institutions to develop strong relationships, establish TeleTech as an employer of choice, and identify potential sourcing channels. They volunteer to serve on boards and advisory groups as well as represent TeleTech at job fairs and community events. (Persuasion, public relations, relationship building)

6. Ensure a positive experience for every candidate. Recruiters maintain a positive, respectful, and caring attitude with all candidates ? even those who will not be offered a position at TeleTech. This includes clearly communicating the hiring process and timeframes, giving honest and direct feedback, providing guidance for future possibilities, and soliciting referrals from all candidates. (Friendly, helpful, positive demeanor, respectful, communication, follow-up)

7. Develop a tight schedule for processing candidates. Recruiters are responsible for high-volume hiring needs often requiring screening, interviewing, and processing of hundreds of candidates each week. This requires tremendous focus, organization, and efficiency. Recruiters set strict schedules to make the most of their time. They must be able to determine general suitability for a particular role quickly and decide whether to engage the candidate in the full hiring process. (Time management, efficiency, focus, decision-making)

8. Conduct efficient and effective interviews. Recruiters must be able to conduct short, effective interviews which uncover a candidate?s true desire, motivation, and suitability for an agent or leadership role at TeleTech. (Behavioral interviewing, fact finding, judgment)

9. Ensure compliance with TeleTech?s hiring processes for each client. Recruiters implement specific hiring processes on behalf of clients. These processes are set by the TA team and TeleTech Corporate, and must not be modified by the Recruiters. This includes ensuring that the candidate meets all legal requirements, completes and passes all required tests, and that all information is accurately documented within Taleo and in paper files when appropriate. (Total process understanding, attention to detail, organization, legal implications)

10. Coordinate and calibrate with the Global Talent Acquisition Specialists (GTAS) team. Recruiters proactively coordinate with the GTAS team to ensure the processes sourced to GTAS are working properly and they have a positive relationship with the GTAS resources supporting their site: Includes participation in regular calibration calls as well as providing professional, constructive, and clear feedback to members of the GTAS team to ensure high candidate quality and positive interaction among the team. (Communication, teamwork, process development)

 Hr Generalist Human Resources 9/18/2018 [ APPLY NOW ]
logo_16983.gif TELETECH
REF NO: HR-0301
Education :  Masters Degree
Experience :  5 - 10 Years

Skills :  Basic Qualifications

1. Motivate a team to achieve aggressive goals under tight deadlines
2. Strong knowledge and experience with Excel and PowerPoint
3. Ability to influence others by example, coaching, and mentoring
4. Strong e-mail and oral communication skills
5. High level of integrity and judgment
6. Ability to manage multiple on-going projects in various geographies, working across time zones

Job Specifications:

1. 5 to 7 years of progressive human capital/ human resources experience
2. Self motivated, Get Stuff Done attitude
3. Effective management skills and dynamic communication skill
4. Demonstrated ability to build strong partnerships with stakeholders within the business
5. Specific Knowledge, Skills and Experience in employee mobility programs including Green Card administration
6. Specialized experience in the areas of talent management/development, employee relations, employee engagement, & performance management

Description :  Senior Human Resources & Global Mobility Generalist

Attract, develop & engage a world-class workforce

Our Focus

TeleTech is helping organizations transform the customer experience.

The world has changed. Disruptive technologies, social media, demanding customers, and an interconnected global economy have altered the face of business forever. To compete, companies need to be smarter, faster, and more agile. They need the ability to deliver seamless, effortless experiences for their customers while providing strong returns to their shareholders. To navigate this complicated and uncharted new world, brands need a partner with experience. TeleTech leads the way.

We hire only first-class, highly qualified and passionate people to help us to build exceptional customer experiences.

How the Senior HR/Mobility Generalist Fits into this Focus

Senior Generalist responsibilities include 50% HR support for a defined audience of internal business customers and 50% mobility support for customers across the enterprise. The Senior Generalist leads and coordinates the integration of human resource plans and strategies with business strategy and organizational planning efforts for corporate headquarters in Englewood, CO. This includes delivering a high level of customer service to employees and managers while proactively identifying HR solutions that will enhance bottom line results. This resource will also serve as the primary point of contact for managing TeleTech?s global mobility program. This individual will acts as the professional responsible for ensuring effective administration of all human resources functions including employee relations, performance management, & retention management.

Duties and Responsibilities:

? Administer global mobility program across the enterprise. Lead relocation for new and existing employees as well as expatriate process management. Understand all challenges faced by immigration to both the United States and current countries where TeleTech has an active presence. Work in partnership with payroll and tax departments to ensure compliance with expatriate tax liabilities.

? Vet and manage new/existing vendor relationships relative to mobility and immigration. Proactively seek ways to manage costs and deliver excellent support for migrants. Serve as subject matter expert for matters related to US immigration compliance, accountable for USCIS and DOL audits related to employment of foreign nationals. Advise internal clients of impact of hiring foreign nationals and work closely with Talent Acquisition and Human Capital partners to support in immigration issues. Point of escalation for all matters regarding immigration to all countries including the Philippines. Ensure registration of company entities in international locations annually. (Data analysis, problem solving, results orientation, customer service, high volume data)

? Understand all key business initiatives and goals in the business unit(s) you support. This includes growth strategies, additions of new clientscountries to support, and any other substantive changes in the business model or organizational structures. The Senior HR Generalist actively implements strategies and initiatives to enable the business to achieve its objectives. This resource will meet with internal business customers regularly to identify HR-related challenges and assist HR Leadership to develop and implement strategies to respond to these challenges. (Business acumen, knowledge of HR strategies and issues, strategic thinking, vision)

? Deliver solutions to challenges affecting the success of the business. In conjunction with TTEC leadership, the Senior HR Generalist develops plans to support each strategic initiative. Such initiatives will vary by business unit based on strategic goals. Focus areas may include change management, turnover reduction, improved employee relations, management development, process reengineering, compensation restructuring, employee transition plans, or any other Talent support necessary to meet business goals. Plans must be flexible to adapt to TeleTech?s dynamic environment. The Senior HR Generalist acts as a productive member of the HR delivery team to execute deliverables in a professional and timely manner. They help HR leadership solidify buy-in from key stakeholders on each initiative and enlist support to fund and implement talent strategy and agenda (Strategic planning, budgeting, persuasion and influence, partnership, project management, collaboration)

? Develop a ?Trusted Advisor? relationship with key leaders at multiple levels within each supported business unit. Senior HR Generalists prove their value by anticipating the peple issues associated with business decisions and developing solutions in partnership with leaders. They resolve problems quickly, providing counsel and advice to help business leaders navigate potential challenges. This role includes coaching and influencing team leaders to make wise decisions that are compatible with sound human capital and business practices. Senior HR Generalists offer clear and objective alternatives and work with the team to help implement solutions. (High integrity, persuasion, credibility)

? Provide regular reporting and updates to their client leadership team on status and progress of all talent initiatives. Create and communicate regularly and ad hoc update reports on the status of each initiative and all human capital and mobility issues. Identify and communicate any potential problems or challenges as they surface. Respond to requests for information and updates from the leadership team in a timely manner. Maintain a high level of customer service to all stakeholders and fully integrate the Human Resources team. Communicate changes in priorities and direction to the HR team as received from business leadership teams. (E-mail, positive and timely communication, directness, flexibility)

? Create a friendly, welcoming environment for employees when approaching Human Capital with questions, ideas, or concerns. Senior HR Generalists are champions for corporate culture and ensure that TeleTech?s values cascade through all initiatives and programs. Set goals and metrics with the team around customer service. Monitor progress towards goals. Train the team to deliver high quality customer service. Give honest and direct feedback based on sound knowledge and judgment. (Openness, honesty, trust, keeping confidential information private)

? Ensure compliance with all international and regional human resource laws and regulations. This includes, but is not limited to, harassment, hostile work environment, labor laws, severance and any other adverse impact laws. The Senior HR/Mobility Generalist is expected to work closely with HC partners in various countries to understand the labor laws that impact the mobilization of employees. Proactively coach and educate business customers and employees to legally resolve conflicts and administer required programs. Train business constituents to understand TeleTech?s obligations and corporate policies with respect to working with employees so they can become confident leaders. (Specific knowledge of international laws and regulations, judgment, coaching and training, accountability)

? Maximize human capital service to constituents. Deliver outstanding employee relations/benefits customer service. Treat all employees as customers. Deal with serious problems before they escalate to a formal legal process. Employ risk mitigation strategies as regards to international immigration and cross-border employment. In partnership with TeleTech?s legal counsel, personally manage the legal process including preparing documentation, conducting interviews, and preparing for meetings with courts and attorneys. (Legal documentation, fairness, attention to detail, customer service)

 It Recruiter Human Resources 9/18/2018 [ APPLY NOW ]
logo_16983.gif TELETECH
REF NO: HR-0302
Education :  Bachelors Degree
Experience :  1 - 5 Years

Description :  Technical Recruiter

TeleTech is an organization that spans more than 16 countries, 6 continents and nearly 30 languages. At TeleTech, technology is the backbone of our business. Behind the scenes of every workstation, service delivery center, client solution, and business innovation is a vast and sophisticated technology infrastructure that makes everything we do not only possible, but positions us as a market leader in delivering highly efficient, sustainable, and successful solutions to our Fortune 1000 clients. To stay at the forefront and leap frog our competition, TeleTech is committed to creating game changing technology that delivers unprecedented value.

Position Summary:

Recruiters recruit quality talent to meet aggressive IT hiring requirements. This may include screening resumes and applications, conducting initial phone screens, administering TeleTech approved tests, scheduling onsite interviews, conducting interviews, making offers, and completing all associated paperwork for each individual hire. Recruiters implement sourcing strategies and actively build relationships within the community to provide new sources of quality candidates. While they function as part of the Talent Acquisition team, they are also responsible for aggressive individual recruiting goals which are monitored daily and weekly. Recruiters must be able to quickly adapt plans and shift directions in order to meet changing client requirements and TeleTech processes. This is a challenging position that is suited for a high-energy individual who must be able to meet aggressive goals and timelines, pay strong attention to details while maintaining a high level of integrity and professionalism.

Job Specifications:
1. 2 - 3 years of solid experience in a full life cycle IT recruiting
2. Previous BPO or call center recruiting experience preferred
3. Must possess a Bachelor's degree in Human Resource Management, Psychology or related degree
4. Experience with Taleo or similar applicant tracking system a plus
5. Demonstrated ability to source, recruit and hire various professional and technical positions such Telecom/Network Engineers, Systems Administration, Project Managers
6. Demonstrated interviewing and advanced sourcing skills
7. Client management experience is an advantage
8. High sense of ownership, customer orientation and adaptive to change
9. Developed organizational skills, goal drive, self-starter and a team player
10. Excellent oral and written communication skills
11. Flexible with work schedules

 Hr Generalist Human Resources 9/17/2018 [ APPLY NOW ]
United Arab Emirates
REF NO: H-998763
Education :  Bachelors Degree
Experience :  1 - 5 Years

Description :  The Role:

This role is responsible to provide a wide range of support to the HR Team in order to provide excellent customer service to all its internal customers.
As the HR Generalist you will be naturally proactive and have a naturally passionate individual who is involved in employee engagement, employee relations, benefits administration, onboarding, recruitment, payroll support & performance review process.


• Employee engagement/employee relations
Be proactively involved in managing the wellbeing programs and any other employee relations activities. You will be responsible for initiating and delivering these activities and programs.
• Recruitment
Responsible where applicable with the recruitment process that covers Job posting, maintaining the recruitment data base, drafting of Job descriptions, reviewing and short listing cvs, assisting with selection of candidate. Assist in Developing HR planning strategies that covers immediate and long-term staff requirements.
• Performance Review
Be actively involved performance review process.

• Benefits Administration
Responsible for reports that cover leave reconciliations (leave applications received are processed accurately; report to payroll if deductions for Loss of Pay).
Timely Preparation of monthly leave reconciliation

• Payroll
Assist in payroll processing (Reimbursement of Leave Travel Allowance, Reimbursement of Medical Consultation, House Rent Advance & Unpaid Leave deductions).
Process temporary staff payroll in order to ensure timely release of employee’s salary in coordination with Finance.
Administer payroll for the Company when needed.

• Letter Issuance
Issue formal documents (No Objection Certificate, Bank related letters, Miscellaneous letters) required by staff within the timeline set.

• Filing
Ensure maintaining personnel files with relevant information as per the file audit system100% updated.

Qualifications & Experience:
• Any Formal HR education or Bachelor’s degree from a recognized University.
• 3 years’ experience in HR function
• Excellent Knowledge of MS Office.
• Working knowledge of HRIS.
• Excellent Communication, Business writing skills.
• Good interpersonal skills due to dealings with internal customers at all levels.
• Knowledge of UAE Labor Laws.
• Arabic communication skill (verbal & Written preferred).

 Hr & Admin Manager Human Resources 9/17/2018 [ APPLY NOW ]
United Arab Emirates
REF NO: H-978656
Education :  Masters Degree
Experience :  Not Required

Skills :  recruitment, hr functions, grievance, handling orientation, staffing process, documentation, report preparation, HR Operations
Responsibilities :  Excellent communication
Aptitude in problem-solving
Good in hiring and recruitment
Short listing, scheduling interviews, salary negotiations and final closure.
Maintaining Data base
Attendance maintenance.
Joining Formalities
Desire to work as a team with a results driven approach
High initiative, integrity, strong work ethic, good communication and analytical skills
Excellent time management, organizational skills and enjoy working in a fast paced environment

Description :  Urgent opening for HR Executive and Manager in Website design & development company. Our Company name is - Future Work Technologies. This position is for Part-time/ Full-time and also suitable for freelancers or remote worker. We need two more candidates for our office full time. Both experienced and fresher can apply for the job.

UG: Under Graduation in any specifications.
PG: Post Graduation in any specifications.
Fresher and experienced both can apply.

 Account Assistant Human Resources 9/16/2018 [ APPLY NOW ]
United Arab Emirates
REF NO: HR-2141
Education :  Bachelors Degree
Experience :  1 - 5 Years

Skills :  Candidate must be holding a university Degree in accounts ,with fluent English, Arabic speaking and writing .
experience in insurance accounting is preferred.
Responsibilities :  Provides financial information to management by researching and analyzing accounting data; preparing reports.

Description :  Prepares asset, liability, and capital account entries by compiling and analyzing account information.
Documents financial transactions by entering account information.
Recommends financial actions by analyzing accounting options.
Summarizes current financial status by collecting information; preparing balance sheet, profit and loss statement, and other reports.
Substantiates financial transactions by auditing documents.
Maintains accounting controls by preparing and recommending policies and procedures.
Guides accounting clerical staff by coordinating activities and answering questions.
Reconciles financial discrepancies by collecting and analyzing account information.
Secures financial information by completing data base backups.

 Recruiter Human Resources 9/16/2018 [ APPLY NOW ]
United Arab Emirates
REF NO: HR - 0116
Education :  Bachelors Degree
Experience :  1 - 5 Years

Description :  Our Client, Orion Project Services is a project manning specialist and privides manpower in the UAE and globally

Job Description:

Embedded in the HR department on a major civil construction project in Abu Dhabi, responsibilities include:

Maintaining an electronic record of all vacancies, responses, and historic data.
Liaising with HR department and Project Leaders on all vacancies.
Distributing vacancies to recruitment centres.
CV Preparation, Submission and Co-ordination
Arranging Interviews
Co-ordination with third party agencies
Assisting in the recruitment of contract personnel in the Middle East.
Sourcing CV''s locally.
Discussing terms with candidates.
Following up on offers, acceptances and refusals.
Assisting in the arrangement of international recruitment drives.
Maintaining recruitment files
Maintaining CV files.
Maintaining all project HR information systems
Daily/Weekly/Monthly reporting
Development of all necessary HR systems and procedures.
Development of Highly visible Manual CV storage and retrieval systems.

 System Administrator Human Resources 9/16/2018 [ APPLY NOW ]
United Arab Emirates
REF NO: HR - 0122
Education :  Bachelors Degree
Experience :  1 - 5 Years

Description :  Our Client, Capital Services Supply is a professional recruitment agency located in the heart of United Arab Emirates.

They have established Associate offices in the Philippines, Nepal, India, Vietnam, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. They can also open the opportunities for other nationalities not mentioned based on client''s request.
Pioneering in the recruitment field for almost two (2) decades, They are committed to give clients a cost effective, yet professional quality service. Working with the principle of "Placing the RIGHT PERSON for the RIGHT JOB" makes them consistently meet clients'' exceeded expectations and demands.

They are in a direct contact with the embassies and having their own ticketing office, training centers and recruitment offices in different countries. This contributed to giving fast and efficient service to the principals.

They fully intend to supply the most reliable and high quality manpower, safeguarding the best interest of both the employers and the workers.

Job Description:

Must have several years of experience in IT, knowledge of paperless offices, Knowledge of implementation of ERP''s preferably My Factory/ MS Access, Data BAse Programming and mgmt. Knowledge of Quickbooks.

 Hr Manager Human Resources 9/16/2018 [ APPLY NOW ]
United Arab Emirates
REF NO: HR 0094
Education :  Bachelors Degree
Experience :  1 - 5 Years

Description :  Our Client a Multinational organisation, spanning 6 countries with more than 500 staff is seeking to hire a Human Resource Manager.

Job Description
Reporting directly to the Board, you will partner with the Board and the senior management team and advise on all HR areas
You will be a true business partner to senior management and have responsibility for the full spectrum of HR activities.
Strengthen the HR function and provide support to line managers on business decisions from an HR perspective and in the interest of improving efficiency and maximizing effectiveness of the organization.
Devise the strategic direction of all human resources principles in line with corporate objectives.
Specifically, your focus will be to integrate and develop existing HR practices as well as implementing new initiatives.
In this ''hands-on'' role, you will responsible for a diverse range of activities including recruitment, performance evaluation, staff development, compensation & benefits and employee relations.
You will lead your team to deliver a first class recruitment service for an organisation with over 500 staff at present and plans for considerable future growth.
You will be ultimately responsible for the creation and implementation of a comprehensive recruitment and resourcing strategy across their business operations. You will be expected to establish strong and effective lines of communication with country managers, HR personnel and recruitment agencies and search firms while ensuring that leading edge recruitment practices and assessment processes are adopted.
You will also be responsible for driving leadership development, talent management and succession planning across the organisation. This role will partner with all management in the organisation to ensure all HR initiatives are aligned with business objectives and corporate goals.

The Successful Applicant
To qualify, you will be a degree educated HR professional with experience spanning at least 10 years.
Expertise gained from an international working environment is essential
Creative and resourceful, you will possess a high level of integrity and initiative, as well as a ''hands-on'' and diplomatic approach that is suited to a multi-cultural environment.
A strong leader with exceptional communication skills, you will possess high levels of commercial acumen and the ability to solve problems creatively.


 Hr Administrator Human Resources 9/16/2018 [ APPLY NOW ]
United Arab Emirates
REF NO: HR-0135
Education :  Bachelors Degree
Experience :  1 - 5 Years

Skills :  
1. Adaptability & Innovation
2. Attention to Detail & Quality
3. Customer Service Orientation
4. Interpersonal Ability
5. Planning & Organizing for Results
6. Teamwork
7. Arabic language (spoken, written) is a must
Responsibilities :  
Temp Position - 5 months only

Description :  
1. Minimum of 2 years previous experience in similar field is desirable.
2. Exposure to matters related to administration Day to Day Activities including travel booking, Insurance procedures and other correspondence, General Administration, visa procedures, Maintain Calendar of activities, Meetings and various Events; and coordinate other admin related activities.
3. Type and proofread (Arabic & English) a wide variety of reports, letters, memos; type from rough draft or verbal instruction, and independently compose correspondence related to assigned responsibilities.
4. Look after different administration assignments and follow up with various service providers including office maintenance and related safety issues.
5. Coordinate with the Public Relations Officer on different visa related issues (new visas, renewals, cancellations, etc)
6. Coordinate with different consulates & embassies for issuance of foreign visas for staff business trips.
7. Assist in other Administration assignments as and when required.


Recent Candidates
  • Samir
  • Other
  • India
  • Jay
  • Electrical/Automation Engineer
  • India
  • Manish
  • Other
  • Canada
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