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 Procurement Manager Engineering / Architecture 3/29/2018 [ APPLY NOW ]
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REF NO: ENG-1007
Education :  Masters Degree
Experience :  1 - 5 Years

Skills :  Skills:-

1. The applicant must have excellent communication skills as well as outstanding negotiation skills.
2. The use of MS Excel is a requirement as is the need to be an all round computer literate.
3. The delivery and execution of the procedures expected must meet the standards set by the company.
4. Having an efficient way of working by keeping the expenditure in line with returns is paramount.

Responsibilities :  Senior Mechanical Procurement Engineer:-

The procurement engineer or purchase engineer will be responsible for applying and understanding the utility procedures, policies and standards as well as vendor, industry and regulatory information made by the corporate and site PE organization. The effective communication with employees of the PE, engineering, maintenance and operations organization is vital for the smooth running between areas of expertise.

Description :  Job Duties will include:-

1) Develops specifications and performance test requirements to facilitate procurement of parts and equipment for aeronautical and aerospace products: Analyzes technical data, designs, preliminary specifications, manufacturing limitations, supplier facilities, and availability of parts and equipment.

2) Consults with engineering personnel to establish performance criteria and specifications for manufacturing and testing.

3) Investigates potential suppliers and recommends those most desirable.

4) Advises company personnel, suppliers, and customers of nature and function of parts and equipment.

5) Interviews supplier representatives regarding specifications, costs, inspection, and similar problems relating to parts and equipment.

6) Arranges and participates in conferences between suppliers and engineers, purchasers, inspectors, and other company personnel to facilitate material inspection, substitution, standardization, rework, salvage, utilization, and economical procurement of parts and equipment installed in aircraft, spacecraft, or related products.

 Other Engineering / Architecture 3/29/2018 [ APPLY NOW ]
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REF NO: ENG-1008
Education :  Bachelors Degree
Experience :  1 - 5 Years

Skills :  Skills & Experience:-

1. Excellent interpersonal skills and the ability to transfer knowledge and experience to others.
2. Should have ability to motivate people.
3. Excellent leadership skills.
4. Sound financial skills and an understanding of engineering management.
5. Very wide experience in all aspects of material management is a must.
6. BSc in Electrical Power Engineering or Industrial Engineering.
7. Vast experience in a power utility, petrochemical or other sound industry material management field.

Responsibilities :  We are looking for Senior Electrical Procurement Engineer:-

Description :  Job Duties will include:-

1. Comprehensive evaluation of the existed stores, minimize inventory investment, review non moving items, following the principle of first in first out and striving for getting the right quality of spares and material, right quantity of supplies at the right time for the lowest cost.
2. Development of micro analysis studies for Transmission Power Division Material Management for SAP Application and preparation of all requirements for the SAP Material, Warehouse, Supplier Relationship and Quality Management Models
3. Conduct the ABC, VED, SDE and FSN analysis for cost control, reduce inventory, spares criticality, availability and item movement.
4. Determination of EOQ, lead time, minimum, maximum and reorder levels of all spares.
5. Conduct statistical status, regarding demand estimation, consumption trends, forecasting demand studies
6. Conduct spares and material consumption per equipment and substation as per RCM Management System Requirements and corrective maintenance activities and the evaluation of ROR, consumption rate for all equipment in the system
7. Development of Transmission Power Divisions Material management objectives, policies and procedures for running, monitoring and controlling of spares and materials in the Transmission Power Division.
8. Development of an effective TP Division material management and supervision system for planning, organizing, staffing, directing, controlling, reporting and controlling procedures.
9. Development of objectives, policies and procedures of procurement system for inventory optimization
10. Planning, organizing and control of flow of materials, from their initial purchase to destination while following international standards for keeping inventory
11. Development of spares and material annual budget and keeping feasible range between forecasted and actual demand for spares and material
12. Reporting of spares and material cost on quarterly basis segregate by activity (RCM and corrective) as per type of equipment and substation, reporting statistical studies for the high consumption rate. Spares and corresponding equipment and their location in the network and reporting non - moving items and their values.
13. Annual report for the following inventory : 1) Existed inventory by category and their value
14. Consumed inventory by category
15. Ordered inventory by category

 Other Engineering / Architecture 3/29/2018 [ APPLY NOW ]
logo_3871.gif NES GLOBAL
REF NO: ENG-1009
Education :  Bachelors Degree
Experience :  1 - 5 Years

Skills :  - Good communication skills.
- Must be having experience in the relevant field.
- Must be multi- tasking.
Responsibilities :  Senior Lighting Procurement Engineer:-

Procurement includes buying parts, supplies for assembly and testing, services and equipment used to build products. Procurement involves buying goods and services and then arranging their delivery.

Description :  Job Duties will include:-

1. Buyers buy raw materials and finished product. Procurement engineers may buy unfinished goods and send them somewhere to be finished per contract, and negotiate specialized and customized manufacturing work or multi-stage assembly work.
2. Procurement engineers handle purchase requests and purchase orders.
3. Procurement engineers may also handle negotiations for orders.
4. Procurement engineers may also review the quality level and standards of suppliers to verify that they meet standards such as those issued by the ISO, CMMI and ANSI.
5. Procurement engineers may also create Statements of Work from which supplier contracts will be negotiated by the legal department.

 Other Engineering / Architecture 3/29/2018 [ APPLY NOW ]
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REF NO: ENG-1010
Education :  Bachelors Degree
Experience :  1 - 5 Years
Responsibilities :  We are looking for MEP Coordination :-

MEP coordinators are responsible for managing all components of a construction project related to the mechanical, electrical and plumbing, or MEP, elements of the facility. Typically employed by contractors or construction firms, MEPs combine a wide technical knowledge of these fields with the management skills necessary to coordinate the work of a number of different employees.

Description :  Job Duties:-

MEP coordinators consult drawings and blueprints as well as consult with engineers, designers and other contractors. They will manage the required permits and submit reports to project managers MEP coordinators will plan supervise and inspect the work of the MEP subcontractors to ensure work is being done according to their time schedules.

 Draughtsman Fork Lift & Heavy equipment 3/29/2018 [ APPLY NOW ]
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REF NO: FH-0050
Education :  Bachelors Degree
Experience :  1 - 5 Years
Responsibilities :  We are looking for Plumbing Draftsman:-

They are responsible to Prepare shop drawings and make alterations and fine tune with respect to the site conditions and preparation of plumbing internal & external services drawings for commercial buildings.

Description :  Job Description:-

1. Preparation of Drainage Shop Drawing and Drainage Detail Drawing.
2. Preparation of Water Supply Shop Drawing and Water Supply Detail Drawing.
3. Rectifying of Drawing due to Coordination of M.E.P.actual work in site.
4. Revising Plumbing & Water Supply Shop Drawing.
5. Preparation of Builders Work Drawing.
6. Preparation of As Built Drawing.
7. Preparation of Setting Out Plan for External Drainage.


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