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 Electrical/automation Engineer Manufacturing / Operations 2/7/2020 [ APPLY NOW ]
United Arab Emirates
REF NO: EAE-8462
Education :  Higher Secondary
Experience :  1 - 5 Years

Skills :  * Decision making & problem-solving skills.
* enjoy practical and manual activities
* good hand-eye coordination
* aptitude for mechanical work
* able to keep up to date with technological change

Responsibilities :  Job title
Air Condition Fitters

Job description
As an Air Condition Fitter, you are responsible for installing, maintaining and repairing air-conditioning units in various types of vehicles and machinery.

Description :  Main Task and Duties:
* Install, fit and connect the unit to the electrical wiring and engine
* Repair or replace defective equipment, components, or wiring
* Performing emergency repairs, maintaining tools, ordering supplies, and making routine adjustments to maximize operational efficiency.
* Recover and properly dispose of refrigerants when servicing air conditioning equipment
* Test electrical circuits and components for continuity, using electrical test equipment
* Inspect and test system to verify system compliance with plans and specifications and to detect and locate malfunctions.
* Record and report all faults, deficiencies, and other unusual occurrences, as well as the time and materials expended on work orders.

Market compatible salary plus accommodation, insurance, food and transportation

If you are Indian or Pakistani please do not apply.

 Engineer Manufacturing / Operations 2/7/2020 [ APPLY NOW ]
United Arab Emirates
REF NO: EAE-8463
Education :  Higher Secondary
Experience :  1 - 5 Years

Skills :  * Enjoy practical and manual activities
* Good eyesight and normal colour vision
* Able to read electrical wiring diagrams
* Good hand-eye coordination
* Good communication and customer care skills
* Able to approach work in a systematic and thorough way
* Able to keep up to date with technological changes
* An awareness of health and safety

Responsibilities :  Job title
Auto Electrician
Job description
As an Auto Electrician, you are responsible for installing, maintaining, identifying faults, repairing electrical wiring and computer-based equipment in motor vehicles and related equipment.

Description :  Main Task and Duties:
* Service, identify and repair faults on electronically controlled vehicle systems
* Install electrical equipment such as gauges, lighting, alternators, and starter motors in cars, and install electrically operated accessories.
* Determines malfunction of electrical system by visual inspection of vehicle / equipment
* Repairs or replaces defective wiring in ignition, lighting, air-conditioning, and safety control systems.
* Refer to circuit diagrams, and use meters and readings and test instruments to find electrical faults
* Knows to test, recondition, and replace faulty alternators, generators, starter motors, and related items such as voltage regulators and batteries
* Can fill-up, control and update the maintenance records on daily basis
* Coordinate with site in-charge on day to day activities

Market compatible salary plus accommodation, insurance, food and transportation

If you are Indian or Pakistani please do not apply.

 Procurement Manager Manufacturing / Operations 2/7/2020 [ APPLY NOW ]
United Arab Emirates
REF NO: EAE-8464
Education :  Higher Secondary
Experience :  1 - 5 Years

Skills :  * Enjoy technical activities
* Physically fit
* Strength to handle materials, tools and machines
* Good hand-eye coordination
* Able to work in a team & independently
* Patience
* Accuracy
* No skin or breathing allergies
* Safety conscious

Responsibilities :  Job title
General Fabricator

Job description
As a General Fabricator, you are responsible for designing, implementing and improving manufacturing systems and processes and must have specialized knowledge in metallurgy, welding or a specific production process.

Description :  Main Task and Duties:
* Fabricates and assembles structural metal products according to job order, verbal instructions, and blueprints
* Develops layout and plans sequence of operations, applying knowledge of trigonometry, stock allowances for thickness, machine and welding shrinkage, and physical properties of metal
* Cut, roll, shape, bend, mould, spin, heat or hammer metal products to fabricate parts or sub-assemblies
* Sets up and operates fabricating machines
* Designs and constructs templates and fixtures
* Verifies conformance of work piece to specifications, using square, ruler, and measuring tape
* Fabricate and assemble sheet metal products.
* Set up and operate machine tools associated with fabricating shops
* Assemble parts and structures by lining up and joining them by welding, bolting or riveting
* Finish products by cleaning, polishing, filing or bathing them in acid solutions, or by applying protective or decorative coatings
* Report errors in product line.
* Check stock to ensure inventory is replenished
* Complete quality control forms
* Place orders for supplies
* Participate in product development
* Build prototypes and test products

Market compatible salary plus accommodation, insurance, food and transportation

If you are Indian or Pakistani please do not apply.

 Sales & Marketing Executive Manufacturing / Operations 2/7/2020 [ APPLY NOW ]
United Arab Emirates
REF NO: MA7152
Education :  Bachelors Degree
Experience :  5 - 10 Years

Skills :  - Professional Expectation of the appropriate candidate -

Team work: It is expected that the candidate experienced to lead a team. The ability to work collaboratively with others toward mutual objectives.

Sense of Urgency: He / she should be prepared for spontaneous recognition of problems and opportunities.

Customer Focus: To be able to understand customer needs and requirements and find solutions (either internal or external).

Continuous Improvement: The ability to develop creative solutions to problems and continuously improve systems and processes

Result Orientation: The focus on results and a drive to achieve results and goals in the short and long term.

Adapting to Change: Can make pragmatic decisions in a timely fashion, especially when there is not a clear right way.?

Entrepreneurial Spirit: A fundamental belief in ones ability to successfully take on new and difficult challenges, question the status quo, and take risks.

Visionary Leadership: Strong ability to communicate and enlist support for the vision of the organization.

Motivational Characteristics: High dominance (comfortable with authority and leadership), high competitive achievement (drive to win, results orientation). High level of autonomy, and low need for structure and boundaries.
Responsibilities :  Role Description

This is an excellent opportunity for an experienced leader with an international background ready to take the challenge to guide jointly with the executive team a diverse organisation into the growth oriented future. Main topics for the tasks are short-, mid-, long-term business plans and ROI, marketing planning, sales forecasting, sales operations and new projects development.

We seek an individual that is an experienced marketing leader and strategist, with several years of successful marketing leadership and team management experience in retail, FMCG and manufacturing. The Head of Marketing and Sales, with a strong background in business development and marketing in order to support the growth of the company global territory, should fulfill the following overall requirements:

Acting as Head of Marketing and Sales.
Responsible to provide leadership and management of company's marketing and sales functions.
Responsible to strategic marketing and sales, and to direct the activities of the sales division to ensure achievement of respective sales targets and business plans.
Responsible to provide leadership and management of company's marketing and sales functions.
Development and implementation of marketing and sales strategies, objectives and plans.
With a technical understanding (beneficial from building materials business)
Maintain, manage, develop and motivate sales force and develop other personnel capabilities to deliver the sales growth and market expansion to achieve targets.
Manage, monitor and analyse marketing and sales activities against set goals.
Responsible to achieve targets for revenue, profitability, sales growth and ROI.
Implement 'early warning models' to reach the targets and plans.
Analyses of competitors, market requirements and developing USPs (Unit Selling Points) for business success with his team.
Implementing QS processes for sustainable quality and sales increase.
Enhance the reputation and relationship of the company with key corporate clients / accounts in order to further the division's business interests.
Support management team decision with business plan and development overview, project development options and due diligence.
Strong reporting management and creating of effective dashboard-results readings.

Description :  Head of Marketing and Sales

Company Overview

Our client is a global diversified corporation with different lines of business in the area of manufacturing industry, FMCG, construction, building materials and professional business services. The Group is present in four continents with significant growth in all of their lines of business. The organization is planning to expand its operations significantly over the coming years across multiple international Asian and South-American locations. The products are regularly exported to many countries worldwide. The company's achievements are significant and the focus is towards growth extending the activities including the import of raw materials from South America, Asia and Australia. To be highly successful they have developed an efficient operation combined with excellent logistics. The organization is a Middle East grown company with the related international multicultural environment. Our client has mid and long-term strategic growth plans, which allows and creates room for personal development.

Position Title: Head of Marketing and Sales
Supported Territory: Global
Language Skills: Business Fluent in English and Arabic
Professional Skills:
We are looking for a champion, who will double/triple the turnover and define marketing budget for a successful future. Your team up to 25 members will support you by daily business. You will directly report to the GM (General Manager). The successful candidate will have the opportunity and career possibilities to prove his/her capabilities in the HQ or in the Group of companies in a highly visible role.

7+ years experience in managing a multicultural team
Experience in Marketing, Sales Systems and Management
Good knowledge of standard office programs (e.g. Microsoft Office)
Experience in CRM, SD systems will be an advantage
Business analysis experience (including implementation, tracking, problem solution and reporting)
Experience working with Finance systems would be a strong advantage.
A successful track record of working with managers and executives at high levels in the organization
Significant experience in marketing and proof-able sales in growth
Proven project leadership experience
Fundamental experience in leading international diverse teams
Location: Abu Dhabi [UAE]
Education (min): BA Degree in Marketing and Sales or Business Management
Willingness to Travel (%): 50
Reports To: General Manager
Reference: 4856
Sector: Industrial Sales & FMCG
Contract: Permanent / Full Time
Short URL:
The Head of Marketing and Sales will generate measurable results for the company's business performance. This is an executive leadership role at group level, liaising with the other executives both at Group level and company's level. The expectations for this role are to be a trusted advisor to the General Manager and leadership about business development and projects in general. This role is a middle management team role in a very successful Middle East based company.

The successful candidate will have the opportunity to prove his/her capabilities in the HQ in a highly visible role. The ideal candidate we are looking for will be a champion in the company and group for exemplary business development, optimal business processes, governance and adherence to transparent business conduct. He/she will define, select and nurture the right team members. He/she will define the scope and required resources for all marketing and sales analyses work and set the standards and define the KPI's for process quality and formats to be reported (incl. dashboards).


You will report directly to the GM, who will serve both as your manager and mentor. You will coordinate the group business development department and the marketing and sales team. You will be a member of the company's middle management leadership team and you will be expected to nurture the free exchange of knowledge and shared information and experience among all team members, build effective teams and lead the progress of the entire organization. You will have high level coordination with DOO / GM / MD and full decision coordination with DOO / GM.

DOO (Director of Operations)
GM (General Manager)
MD (Managing Director)

Personal Characteristics

A highly self-motivated personality with a “can-do” and “let's-do” attitude is a basic requirement for this challenging role. You want to build a culture of continuous improvement and are coaching your people as the champion of change and communication.

Confidentiality, ethical behaviour, absolute integrity and honesty, straight-forward communication are second nature for you. Your personal characteristics include, amongst other elements, the ability to work under pressure while coordinating multiple tasks, an open-mind to new possibilities and thinking cross-functionally. You act fairly and respectfully toward all team members, regardless of function level and culture.

You have an insatiable appetite for learning and sharing what you have learned with others. You are curious, eager and committed to check the validity of assumptions and collect information, facts and knowledge from multiple sources for informed suggestions and advice. You have an empathetic personality and are straight-forward with a clear and understandable approach.

This role is a top management team role in a very successful Middle East based company. The successful candidate will have the opportunity to prove his/her capabilities in a highly visible role.

- A cultural aware person ready to handle the various core values

- Continuous Improvement, Integrity

- Excellent Team Management and Collaboration Skills

- In-depth Problem Solving and Analysis, strong Judgement Skills, adapting to Change

- Business and Functional Acumen

- Planning and Organization, driving for Results and delivering Results

- Continuous Improvement, Customer Focus, Customer Service

- Policies, Procedures and Processes

- Teamwork, Team Relationship and Collaboration and Managing, Coaching and Developing Others

- Influencing and Persuading, Persuading to Buy

- Negotiation Skills, Professional Communication, Presentation Skills, Meetings Management

 Financial Analyzer Manufacturing / Operations 2/7/2020 [ APPLY NOW ]
logo.gif NATIONAL
United Arab Emirates
Education :  Masters Degree
Experience :  5 - 10 Years
Responsibilities :  a. Operational/Professional/Business/Financial Results
? Construct data base for a cost accounting system
? Create and review the necessary control points which are required for cost information system
? Provide the management with weekly/monthly & yearly required cost analysis reports
? Update standard cost, experience of job costing, process costing & conversion costing
? Report on breakeven point for various legal entities
? Report on margins by product and division
? Report on periodic variance analysis and their causes
? Validate the cost of goods sold as part of the month-end close
? Analyse capital budgeting requests
? Coordinate physical inventories counts
? Liaise with Inventory group in order to avoid or dispose of obsolete inventory
? Analyse and report manufacturing/selling overhead costs
? Responsible for producing reports in conformity with general accepted accounting principles

Description :  Purpose Statement
The Cost Accountant, under the direction of the Controller, is responsible for the on-going cost analysis, margin analysis, and tracing costs back to underlying activities. The cost accountant must also construct and monitor those cost-effective data, needed to provide an appropriate level of costing for financial statement and report preparation, and for supervision and control of the general accounting area. The employee will also be required to identify and recommend further areas for growth, expansion and cost saving

Key Accountabilities
i. Operational/Professional/Business/Financial Results
* Construct data base for a cost accounting system
* Create and review the necessary control points which are required for cost information system
* Provide the management with weekly/monthly & yearly required cost analysis reports
* Update standard cost, experience of job costing, process costing & conversion costing
* Report on breakeven point for various legal entities
* Report on margins by product and division
* Report on periodic variance analysis and their causes
* Validate the cost of goods sold as part of the month-end close
* Analyse capital budgeting requests
* Coordinate physical inventories counts
* Liaise with Inventory group in order to avoid or dispose of obsolete inventory
* Analyse and report manufacturing/selling overhead costs
* Responsible for producing reports in conformity with general accepted accounting principles

 Financial Controller Manufacturing / Operations 2/7/2020 [ APPLY NOW ]
logo.gif NATIONAL
United Arab Emirates
Education :  Masters Degree
Experience :  10+ Years

Description :  R O L E P R O F I LE

JOB TITLE: Group Financial Controller - Finance
REPORTS TO: General Manager – Finance

Purpose Statement
Responsible for directing all daily finance and accounting activities of the group entities.
Will be activities relating to the preparation and analysis of the financial reports to the Group .
Works closely with the Corporate Finance Department for majority of transaction processing.
To coordinate all financial transactions, systems and procedures complying with regulations, accounting principles and standards.
The Financial Controller will liaise with the Group General Manager on a day to day He or She will also have close relation with the Corporate Head Office in Jordan ( SG ) Business Unit, Production Manager, IT department, providing them with guidelines and resources to achieve the profitable growth of the business.



* Daily cash flow management (In and Out) and cash flow forecast
* Approval of all daily disbursements
* Management of daily settlement process for distribution vehicles at various locations
* Ensure banking facilities available at all locations for close of trading banking
* Ensures timely and accurate budgeting


* Develop strong relationship with major customers and understand their business
* Approval of all new customers, management of new customer process
* Manage guarantees and post-dated cheques
* Develop and monitor the Business unit’s credit policy and risk management
* Manage Trade Terms and Conditions, and ensure they are implemented
* Monitoring accounts receivable ageing and collections
* Follow up with legal department for handed over debts
* Manage various business location with National Paint Group
* Ensure promotions costs and expenses correctly allocated


* Develop strong relationship with major suppliers
* Obtain credit terms where possible
* Approval of all new major suppliers
* Develop and monitor the business unit’s purchasing and procurement policy
* Reconciliation of statements and managing of debit notes to suppliers
* Monitoring accounts payable ageing
* Ensure payments made timely (Work with Treasury Department)


* Develop and monitor stock control polices relating to the business unit.
* Ensure effective Inventory control in multiple locations
* Monitor inventory costing, on a SKU by SKU basis for the full sales value chain (Supplier, all landed costs, margins for distributor, agent, manufacturing cost, to end consumer price)
* What if Analysis for changes in exchange rates or supplier price changes
* Review all the costing’s of all cans & can inventory items on a regular basis, authorize changes, and ensure accuracy thereof in the system.


* Complete and sign all CAPEX requisitions with relevant info (IRR / Payback etc.)
* Ensure depreciation correctly calculated and allocated (With Corporate Finance)
* Work with Corporate Finance to ensure proper management of fixed assets


* Analyses and prepares daily, weekly, monthly and annual financial reports reflecting the business units’ financial position in conjunction with Treasury and Group.
* Annual budgeting process as well as quarterly re-forecasting process
* Develop reports for the business users as required, in conjunction with Corporate Finance and the IT department
* Profitability calculations for the business by a variety of : Channel / Brand / Location / Credit or Cash / Customer / Route etc.
* Ensure consistent definitions and understanding of report writing fields
* Cost to serve calculations
* Commentary on finance section of monthly management pack
* Interpretation of key ratios and trends of the business
* Specific reports required to look at the business from different angles
* Sales reports in order to assist with the management of the sales driven culture

Part Two: Personality Profile

Education and Training

* To be considered for this position you will be CPA/CA, CIMA qualified with a minimum 5-7 years’ experience from within a manufacturing/packaging environment Experience
* 10 years related industry work experience with at least 5 years at senior financial management level.
* Microsoft Office – Advanced Excel very Important
* ERP System Possess knowledge of cost accounting
* Strong analytical, variance reporting and cost modeling skills.

Management Style

* Ability to communicate as a two-way process
* Good leadership and motivational skills.
* Organisational skills.
* Management skills – time, cost and quality.

4. Personal Qualities

* Culturally you will be a team player with effective communication skills and possess a flexible approach with the ability to work within a fast paced corporate environment
* High degree of credibility and excellent relationship building skills.
* An ability to communicate financial matters effectively to non-financial professionals
* An ability to communicate financial matters effectively to non-financial professionals.

 Customer Service Manager Manufacturing / Operations 2/7/2020 [ APPLY NOW ]
logo_16983.gif TELETECH
United Kingdom
Education :  Bachelors Degree
Experience :  1 - 5 Years

Description :  Customer Service Team Leader

We currently have exciting Team Lead opportunities available for our new Global Telecommunications client, starting as early as 2nd July.

In this role you will be responsible for the day-to-day management, motivation & development of a team of Customer Service Representatives. You will be responsible for supporting the agents in achieving challenging goals and developing their knowledge and career within TeleTech. Team Leaders are also involved in the management of projects related to improving the efficiencies of the Contact Centre.
They will lead by example with a focus on ensuring a highly motivated team that consistently meets and exceeds targets and objectives.

Duties & Responsibilities
Develops team, including on-the-job training, motivation and coaching to reinforce required skills
Ensures schedules are managed efficiently and in a timely, cost effective and accurate manner
Reviews team performance and delivers monthly performance reviews
Coaches staff on performance management improvement
Deals with all disciplinary matters in a timely and effective manner, where directed, as provided for within the set company policies and procedures
Exhibits a thorough understanding of the project business and strategy
Ensures leadership and management of the team in a manner consistent with TeleTech's goals, values and objectives
Provides required direction to a team of Customer Service Representatives to ensure service coverage and quality contact objectives are consistently achieved
Essential Criteria
Proven experience in managing a team to achieve challenging targets and key performance indicators.
Strong experience in providing coaching and feedback.
Excellent interpersonal and communication skills to liaise with customers & team members.
Strong time management skills and the ability to prioritise a busy workload.
Strong understanding of computers and competent in the use of Windows based operating systems, drivers and software applications.
Strong customer focus and a proactive approach to continuous improvement of the customer experience.

Desirable Criteria
Team leader experience within a call centre
A recognized Management qualification would be an asset.
Experience of interacting with external clients and developing these relationships

Competitive Benefits Package
Competitive salary + bonuses
Health insurance, dental and eye care reimbursements
Private and pension plan Insurance
Up-to-date technology training
Relocation package
Childcare voucher scheme
On site canteen
29 days holiday entitlement + extra entitlement
Free Parking
Career Advancement

 Director Manufacturing / Operations 2/7/2020 [ APPLY NOW ]
logo_16983.gif TELETECH
Education :  Bachelors Degree
Experience :  1 - 5 Years

Description :  Director, Service Delivery

Essential Duties & Responsibilities:

Percent of Time

Define program/project requirements, develop tactics, and oversee implementation activities required to successfully meet agreed upon client business goals and objectives. Evaluate client program and recommend improvement opportunities. Coordinate client program/project development and integration, i.e., staffing, scheduling, training, system installation, programming design/testing. Develop actionable plans to balance short/long range goals while ensuring project completion is timely and effective. Conduct quarterly business reviews with the client.

Manage the controllable, fiscal health of the client program/project. Oversee implementation of client contract integrity. Ensure non-compliances receive a corrective action plan and communicate to client. Prepare monthly client program charges for client invoicing. Document all meetings/conversations with TeleTech departments and client. Participate in inter-departmental resolutions relating to charging department variances.

Consult frequently and proactively with existing client to identify program system/service enhancements and/or new business opportunities. Maintain a working knowledge of the entire call center operation as well as project operation. Work with Quality Assurance to ensure consistency in call evaluations. Interact and consult with Human Resources on matters of recruiting, training, hiring, discipline and discharge.

Job Specifications:

Yrs of Experience
BA/BS or equivalent experience
Client interface and supervisory experience
Experience in Call Center outsourcing


Note: Job descriptions are subject to change due to managements discretion at any time.

March 2004

Reports To:

Additional Specific Duties & Responsibilities:
Approximately 50% of travel may be required.

# of Direct Reports

# of Indirect Reports

Titles of Direct Reports

Titles of Indirect Reports

 Team Leader Manufacturing / Operations 2/7/2020 [ APPLY NOW ]
logo_16983.gif TELETECH
Education :  Bachelors Degree
Experience :  1 - 5 Years

Description :  Team Lead (Pooling)

Team Leads are responsible for a teams performance, development, mentoring, and coaching to meet and continuously improve both TeleTech and client metrics for inbound and outbound calling. Team Leads focus on team performance providing motivation and support to enhance engagement and success in attaining targets and goals. Team Leads hold team accountable for meeting all performance indicators/metrics using reporting tools and techniques such as Kronos, Empower, monitoring calls, team meetings, and one-on-ones. Team Leads are visible on the floor and/or visible on the buddy list and in chat and are available primarily for associates questions, issues, and customer escalations; ensure a quality customer experience on every call, resolution of issues, attendance, reliability, and reduction of attrition. Team Leads lead staff in accordance with policies and procedures of TeleTech. Team Leads primarily support a single client to meet /exceed client expectations ensuring billable hours are on track and teams attainment of hitting goals. Responsible to meet team productivity and quality goals. May have additional project and/or initiative work where benefits extend beyond the immediate team . Communicate with managers and other Team Leads.

Key Performance Objectives

1. Achieve 100% of assigned goals for team. Actively implement strategies and initiatives to enable the business to achieve its objectives. Communicate the core strategy, goals and targets to the team. Establish metrics for success, set clear daily priorities, and drive the team to meet goals. Understand the key business objectives, timeframes, and requirements associated with each goal. (Strategic planning, project management, results orientation, business acumen, strategic thinking, enthusiasm)

2. Manage day-to-day operations, processes, and reporting. Provide leadership, engagement, performance management, communication and development of staff. Visible on the floor, and/or visible on the buddy list and in chat, and available for teams questions and issues. Ensure resolution of issues. Schedule and conduct regular staff and client meetings. Accountable for staff attendance, reliability, schedule adherence, etc. Responsible for staff scheduling to include: work assignments, staff training, breaks, back-up for absent employees, and shift rotations. (Teamwork and collaboration, problem solving, accountability, people skills, results orientation, relationship building)

3. Improve the key success metrics associated with quality and goals. These include:

Customer Satisfaction Scores

AHT (Average Handling Time)

Quality Scores

FCR (First Call Resolution)

RPC (Revenue Per Call)

80% Coaching Action Plan (CAP) utilization

TLs monitor calls, gather information, analyze data, observe the process, and lead the effort to consistently improve each call and performance. This includes challenging every aspect of the processes. Ensure quality scores meeting client requirements. Recommended changes must be monitored and measured to ensure bottom-line impact to the process. (Data analysis, ROI calculations, persuasion, problem solving, strategic thinking, achievement motivation)

4. Deliver excellent customer service and communication. Respond to all issues appropriately. Maintain a positive, respectful and caring attitude. Communicate problems clearly and collaborate with direct reports/stakeholders that issues will be resolved quickly with a minimum of long term impact. Proactively share all issues with managers and other team leads as needed. Take personal responsibility for problems and solutions. Keep manager apprised of developments that impact the optimal performance, engagement, development, and provide counsel and guidance in employee relations matter. (Communication, helpful, conflict resolution, take ownership, enthusiasm, customer focus)

5. Develop, coach, support, and evaluate the team. Responsible for development of staff. Previous experience working in similar environment with demonstrated ability to train team members, in-person or virtually, as called for. Tracks TTECH U completion rates. Establish realistic team goals and performance objectives. Provide real-time feedback to staff. Hold team accountable for meeting all performance indicators/metrics, using reporting tools and techniques. Provide constant coaching to associates, one-on-one sessions, and design action plans to improve performance. Follow up with action plans and provide career development advice to staff. (Coaching, achievement motivation, influence, communication, mentor, judgment, accountability)

6. Ensure team has tools, systems, and support needed to perform their job. Must be able to identify and set up ideal workspace per job requirements; this includes having access to the proper equipment required to fully perform all job functions. Escalate system level issues to the appropriate systems/IT support/ vendor team. Clearly identify all system level errors including the scope of problems and relative urgency. Provide clear documentation of problems via e-mail or ticketing system to the appropriate team. Ensure that problems have been addressed. (Problem solving, system troubleshooting, communication, reporting, attention to detail)

Basic Qualifications
Strong understanding of TeleTechs business, core values, and goals
Strong verbal and written communication skills
Ability to lead and partner successfully with staff and chain of command
Proficient English, both written and verbal
Great interpersonal skills
Open, honest, and empathetic manner when dealing with people

Strong attention to detail and desire to follow procedures
High customer service orientation
Working knowledge of database applications such as MS Office(Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint), Oracle, Kronos or ability to learn technology quickly
High level of integrity, honesty, and judgment
Ability to manage multiple, complex, on-going tasks and projects

Preferred Qualifications
Knowledge of call center business
Strong coaching skills
Data analysis and reporting
Action planning

 Accountant Manufacturing / Operations 2/7/2020 [ APPLY NOW ]
logo.gif RTA
United Arab Emirates
Education :  Bachelors Degree
Experience :  1 - 5 Years

Skills :  Accounting, Corporate Finance, Reporting Skills, Attention to Detail, Deadline-Oriented, Reporting Research Results, SFAS Rules, Confidentiality, Time Management, Data Entry Management, General Math Skills

Junior Indian accountant with 2 years experience
4000+ home+ food

Description :  1. Prepares asset, liability, and capital account entries by compiling and analyzing account information.
2. Documents financial transactions by entering account information.
3. Recommends financial actions by analyzing accounting options.
4. Summarizes current financial status by collecting information; preparing balance sheet, profit and loss statement, and other reports.
5. Substantiates financial transactions by auditing documents.
6. Maintains accounting controls by preparing and recommending policies and procedures.
7. Guides accounting clerical staff by coordinating activities and answering questions.
8. Reconciles financial discrepancies by collecting and analyzing account information.
9. Secures financial information by completing data base backups.
10. Maintains financial security by following internal controls.
11. Prepares payments by verifying documentation, and requesting disbursements.
12. Answers accounting procedure questions by researching and interpreting accounting policy and regulations.
13. Complies with federal, state, and local financial legal requirements by studying existing and new legislation, enforcing adherence to requirements, and advising management on needed actions.
14. Prepares special financial reports by collecting, analyzing, and summarizing account information and trends.
15. Maintains customer confidence and protects operations by keeping financial information confidential.
16. Maintains professional and technical knowledge by attending educational workshops; reviewing professional publications; establishing personal networks; participating in professional societies.
17. Accomplishes the result by performing the duty.
18. Contributes to team effort by accomplishing related results as needed.


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