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  • New Trump Hotel to be the Centerpiece of the Palm Jumeirah

  • June 17, 2006
  • Colin Neville
    JID News

    Two of the biggest players in the property development game, Nakheel and the Trump Organization, have decided to collaborate on a new project in the heart of Dubai.  

    One of the most exciting real estate developments occurring in Dubai, UAE at the moment is that of the Palm Jumeirah Island.  As many of you many know, the Palm Jumeirah is the set of man-made islands extending off of the coast of Dubai.  

    It is the first of the Palm trilogy and the sheer idea of in can induce excitement.  Imagine a majestic place that was literally raised out of the water.  It has the appearance and shape of the many palm trees that surrounds it.  It is scattered with hotels and entertainment areas.  With all the amenities one could possibly think of, it surely must be a little taste of heaven.  It will surely become on of the world’s premier tourist destinations.

    Set in the middle of the trunk of the Palm Jumeirah will be the collaborative effort of Nakheel and Trump Organization: The Trump International Hotel and Tower.  This tower will soon become an image and landmark of Dubai, much like the island it sits on, or the Burj al-Arab.

    According to Donald J. Trump Jr., Executive Vice President of Development and Acquisitions, the new project will be, “a 48 storey mixed-use condo hotel and residence comprising a 300 room condo hotel and 360 free hold residential apartments.” 

    This is what makes the project unique and interesting: it will be both a hotel and residence.  Trump Organization has developed similar properties worldwide and has experienced enormous success out of them.

    Nakheel will serve as the developers of the hotel.  The construction of The Trump International Hotel and Tower will begin in late 2006 and is expected to reach completion by 2009.  The entire joint project is expected to cost $600 million USD.


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