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  • Larsen & Toubro to Further Expand into Kuwait

  • August 9, 2006
  • Sofia Mendelev
    JID News

    Larsen & Toubro Limited is based and headquartered in Mumbai, India.  It is India’s largest engineering and construction conglomerate.  They are a highly knowledge-based firm which is renowned for its sophisticated and timely projects.  It has revenue of upwards of $3.5 billion USD.

    Now, this giant of a conglomerate is seeking to expand its operations into the Gulf nation of Kuwait.

    This, coupled with Kuwait’s booming economy is surely to be a highly mutually-beneficial move.  Kuwait’s GDP is composed of 75% earnings from the oil and gas sector.  They have an open economy which makes it alluring to investors and firms. 

    Larsen & Toubro will serve Kuwait well once they expand into the small nation.  The conglomerate has many connecting industries with the oil and gas sector, for example, technology, engineering, construction and infrastructure.

    This expansion will increase the shortage of human resources in Kuwait.  There will be throngs of open positions awaiting qualified job seekers.  Most recently, Larsen & Toubro made an agreement with Kuwait Olefins Company for the deliverance of an ethylene oxide reactor.  Many future projects await Larsen & Toubro in Kuwait and there will be a large demand for skilled workers in engineering and related fields as a result.


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