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  • Caution Nigerian Scam !

  • September 27, 2006
  • Nofel Izz
    Operations Manager
    Jobs In Dubai.Com Inc.
    This is a new scam alert passed on by all employment agencies in Dubai. This is to make all candidates aware of a new Nigerian scam. Please read their general responses and familiarize your self with this organization. Please be aware that this is a bogus employer, we have no such dealings or affiliations with them in any form what so ever. If you have corresponded with them and have sent in your resumes, please avoid any kind of communications regarding employment. Do not follow any instructions especially regarding Credit Card information or Bank Account details, and take extra precautions when being approached by any websites that ask you to update your credit card or personal information, these sites can be re-created by scam artists to obtain your financial information and use it later for un-authorized transactions.


    Here is an example of a typical email sent out to all job seekers as part of a survey conducted by employment agencies in Dubai.
    ========= Sample Scam Email ===========
    The Recruitment and management team of Global Oil Refining & Petroleum Corporation Nigeria would like to commend your fast response and commitment to join its team. This is also to inform you that the Recruiting Department and the Board of Directors of Global Oil have gone through your resume which they find you qualified to handle the job, your duty in the project will be a supervising role to supervise a group of team on your qualified field of specialization which was stated on your resume.
         The contract details is on the attachment file of this mail so please study it and get back to us if you are interested.
         You can e-mail me on   or call me on +23480605005390 so I can explain what you have to do next.
    Our web site is
      Mr.Tanko Abu
    ========= Sample Scam Email ===========


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